How to close an account in Loan and Credit?

Loan and Credit is an online brand of Good Bank Polski. One would expect that in this case closing the account via the online banking system is a basic and mandatory option. Unfortunately, you can open all Loan and Credit products online, but not close any more. So how do you close your account at Loan and Credit?

Closing account in Loan and Credit

Closing account in Loan and Credit

You can close your personal account at Loan and Credit Bank in two ways:

by email, sending the appropriate letter,
by post, by sending a notice of termination by post.

Card cancellation to the account in Loan and Credit

Fortunately, there won’t be as many problems with closing the card as with the bill itself. If you only want to get rid of the debit card to your account, you can do it online or by phone.

  • phone:
    call the hotline at 800 121 121 or +48 81 535 67 89. Online:
  • log in to Loan and Credit online banking,
  • go to the tab Cards → Payment cards → Restrict

A restricted debit card will not be automatically renewed!

Account closure in Loan and Credit – by email

Account closure in Loan and Credit - by email

If you do not want to leave the house to send a notice by post, you can do so by sending the appropriate email. How?

  1. Complete, scan or take a photo of the completed notice.
  2. Sign the document with a qualified electronic signature *.
    * A digital signature, also known as an electronic signature ( DSA – Digital Signature, Electronic Signature, Digital Signature Algorithm ) is data in electronic form used (when exchanging information electronically) to identify the person signing the electronic signature and to confirm the authenticity of the document. This signature must meet certain EU requirements. This is a special device used for signing: USB card reader, PCMCIA or token. You can buy it from one of the suppliers, and its price depends on the seller and parameters, but it costs about PLN 200-300.
  3. Send the document to:
    Loan and [email protected] and

Closing an account at Loan and Credit – by mail

Closing an account at Loan and Credit - by mail

The easiest way will be to send the notice of termination by post. Do this by priority registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt

  1. Write an account termination and an account card. The current template can be found here: termination of the Loan and Credit account agreement.
    Remember to put correct personal details, address, social security number, telephone number and account number.
  2. Sign the letter with the same signature specimen you gave the bank.
  3. Send termination to the bank’s address:
    Loan and Credit Good BP SA
    ul. Almond 4
    02-796 Warsaw

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