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Using banking products and services is not always easy. First of all, it is associated with the need to go through a whole bunch of various formalities, not always simple and not always clear to the ordinary man. Getting a bank loan is connected with a detailed check of all our data, but also the data contained in the loan application. This usually means contact with the employer by a bank representative, it also means checking our debt in all possible debt registers, such as the National Register of Debtors (KRD) or the Credit Information Bureau (BIK), but also in BIG or ERIF, if you apply for extra money as the owner of your own business. You also need to have a good-looking credit history, so it’s best if you have overdue liabilities on your account – then the bank is more confident that you can handle paying back the money you borrowed. You must also have sufficient funds on your account, because without this your creditworthiness will be unable to take advantage of the bank loan offer. Time also plays a significant role in the whole procedure – not everyone has enough of it to deal with the formalities for several consecutive working days, because, for example, they do not have enough vacation days or cannot afford to wait for other reasons. A critique at


Not everyone is able to take a bank loan

bank loan

A terrifyingly large number of employers employ their employees on the basis of a mandate contract or a specific task contract, which in the case of bank loans mean really little. It is necessary to have a sufficiently long work experience in one company so that this form of contract is taken into account when considering the application. Some of the people employed have the lowest national number on the necessary employment contract, but as a result they earn much more. Such explanations, however, never convince the bank and it is necessary to receive properly calculated remuneration for the loan application to be successful. However, not everyone has a sufficiently high income and this does not necessarily apply only to the elderly, although their situation is by far the most difficult. And they are usually looking for an alternative way to get money.


Bank loan if you already have a current, repayable debt

Bank loan if you already have a current, repayable debt

Banks prefer not to run the risk of running out of money to pay off their own credit obligation. That is why they secure themselves by granting loans most often to persons employed under an indefinite employment contract, having a sufficiently high income transferred every month, a bank account, having no debt, not appearing in any register of debtors, and enjoying an excellent credit history. However, such people are the overwhelming majority – the rest have to use alternative ways to find money for their needs.

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