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14 new and updated online video tools

Video is one of the best mediums for merchants to engage their customers and prospects. And there are a variety of innovative video tools available for little or no cost.

Here is a list of new and updated tools from video platforms and social media apps. There are tools to produce buyable videos, live stream, create and distribute video podcasts, advertise, monetize, edit content, and more.

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Cameo for Business Partners with Snapchat. The Snap x Cameo advertiser program gives Snapchat brand partners access to Cameo stars to create short-form ad content. It will connect partners to find top talent for their brand campaign and produce bespoke assets that work great on Snapchat. Advertisers will receive free creative services from Cameo for Business, preferred program pricing, and exclusive Cameo for Business partner benefits.

Snap x Cameo Advertiser Program

Snap introduces director mode. The tool will provide a set of camera and editing features in Snapchat that will facilitate the creation of polished content to grab the viewer’s attention. In Director Mode, creators can use the new Dual Camera feature that allows you to use the front and rear cameras simultaneously. Without special camera tricks or secondary apps, creators can capture their reactions and perspectives in 360 degrees. It’s also easier to seamlessly transform the background of videos on Snapchat with Green Screen mode, and a quick edit feature lets you combine multiple Snaps. In the coming months, Director Mode will be rolling out to iOS, followed by Android later this year.

Pinterest launches TV Studio. The Pinterest TV Studio app allows creators to go live on Pinterest TV and use multiple devices for different camera angles. Currently, the app’s live streaming tools are available to a limited number of creators. Eligible creators must enter or scan a barcode to access the tools.

Spotify expands video podcasts. Last fall, Spotify began enabling video podcasts for creators on a limited basis. All creators in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the UK can now upload video content to the app through Anchor, a podcast creation platform, as fast as they already publish audio. Spotify Podcast subscriptions will be available for video podcasts, allowing creators to own their monetization models by creating exclusive content, lock videos, and more. Additional features include embeddable videos, bulk video scans and replacements, and interactive features like polls and Q&As.

Screenshot of Spotify's Newsroom blog.

Spotify Video Podcasts

ShopThing raises $10 million to expand live video shopping. The ShopThing marketplace, headquartered in Toronto and New York, closed a $10 million Series A round led by Origin Ventures. ShopThing’s technology enables its network of shoppers to walk into stores and create shoppable products with the click of a button, live stream to the public, and seamless purchase and delivery. With its first round of institutional funding, ShopThing is preparing for rapid scaling into new categories, markets and product development while continuing to fuel its growth in user adoption, retail partnerships at retail and designer economy.

Google introduces Media CDN. At the NAB Show Streaming Summit 2022, Google announced the general availability of Media CDN, a platform for delivering immersive experiences. Media CDN will enable media and entertainment customers to bring streaming experiences to viewers around the world. The same infrastructure that Google has built over the past decade to deliver YouTube content to over 2 billion users now extends to deliver media at scale to Google Cloud customers with Media CDN. The platform also tailors delivery protocols and network conditions to individual users.

Immerss introduces live video shopping. Purchasable video and live chat platform, Immerss, enables Salesforce retailers to generate additional revenue by creating a virtual, in-person shopping experience. The platform unveiled its Shop Live app for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The app offers one-on-one digital customer and live online shopping, similar to QVC. Online shoppers can connect with a salesperson who can guide them via live video through product selection through to payment.

Screenshot of the Immerss homepage.


YouTube expands Super Thanks monetization tool. All YouTube Partner Program creators can now activate Super Thanks to monetize their videos. Previously known as the Applause Viewer, creators can activate the tool with a single click, and viewers can then purchase Super Thanks on a video page as a donation to show their support and appreciation. To purchase, viewers click a “Thank You” button while watching a video to purchase a unique animation and send a personalized message to stand out in the comments section. Creators keep 70% of the amount a viewer chooses to contribute.

Instagram is testing the Templates tool. The new editing feature allows users to replicate video cuts and reel formatting with their own photos and video clips. The “Use Template” feature is in beta testing with only a small group of users. The Models tool became available in March.

Meta introduces “Sharing” to Reels. The new Meta feature makes it easier for people using third-party apps to share short videos directly to Facebook. Instead of downloading video content and downloading it later, users can now seamlessly create and share videos at the touch of a button. Once integrated, third-party apps will have a Reels button to share short videos and then customize them with Reels editing tools like audio, text, effects, captions, and stickers. Available for iOS and Android in over 150 countries around the world, the feature also introduced new ways to help creators earn money, new creation tools (remixes, 60-second reels, drafts, video clips) and more places to watch and create. Reels.

Image of the Share to Reels feature of Meta.

Meta introduces a new way to share Reels on Facebook.

TikTok presents the library. TikTok’s new in-app creator tool includes clips from GIPHY (GIFs with sound) that provide access to a wide range of content for unique expression and storytelling. The library opens up a new category of entertaining content, with clips from favorite shows, GIFs, memes, and more. Users can start or join trends by incorporating culture-defining moments, popular quotes, and shareable reactions into their TikTok videos.

Twitter launches live shopping. Twitter launched its first buyable livestream during Cyber ​​Week, in collaboration with Walmart and singer Jason Derulo. The new feature allows purchasing videos for live events. Users can perform several actions while watching a Twitter live shopping video feed, such as clicking the buyable banner and Shop tab on the Live Events page, switching between Latest and Shop tabs, and watching the stream on the merchant’s website with an in-app browser.

Meta adds new features and discovery tools for Facebook Live creators. The updates will help creators interact with fans during live streams. New tools include polls, support for four-person co-streaming via “Live With”, new comments and post formatting, support for adding links to broadcasts and a “Live in Stories” feature. One of the new tools, “Featured Links,” allows creators to add website links to live streams, which they can use to promote personal blogs, donation opportunities, shopping sites , etc. Creators can add multiple links to a broadcast that viewers can visit without leaving the live video. Additionally, Meta will test a new experience that gives creators insight into their most loyal fans by placing top viewers in the dedicated “Front Row” section of a live stream.

TikTok expands shopping with new partnerships. TikTok has launched its official commerce suite with advertising features and tools to help brands and merchants engage with customers through video. Brands can host real-time live shopping, connect with their community, share dynamic links to products and services simultaneously, and highlight one or more products directly from an organic TikTok video. Brands can also include swipeable product cards in their In-Feed video ads and deliver targeted ads based on user interests. Merchants can enjoy a full commerce experience with the ability to upload products and manage everything from shipping to fulfillment and point of purchase. Shopify, Square, Ecwid and PrestaShop are now available on TikTok. More e-commerce integrations coming soon.

Screenshot of TikTok's Creator Market homepage.

TikTok Creator Market