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Transfer Brendan Radley-Hiles receiving a tough lesson in defeat in first season with UW Huskies

In Oklahoma’s first year, there were two losses. Ditto for years 2 and 3. Two of these defeats occurred during the college football qualifiers, including one in overtime. High school was even better. Unbeaten in second year at Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas, then 14-1 in junior in Calabasas (Calif.), Then undefeated in senior at […]

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Ministry of Education: full and permanent discharge of loans under Title IV of the Law on Higher Education

B-333595 October 6, 2021 The Honorable Patty MurrayChairThe Honorable Richard BurrRanking MemberCommittee on Health, Education, Work and PensionsUnited States Senate The Honorable Robert C. “Bobby” ScottPresidentThe Honorable Virginie FoxxRanking MemberEducation and Labor CommissionHouse of Representatives Topic: Ministry of Education: full and permanent discharge of loans under Title IV of the Law on Higher Education In […]

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This sex education scene is the sex education lesson gay people wanted

Spoilers for Netflix Sex education Season 3, Episode 4 In January, I caught my first STI. I can see exactly how it happened: I had sex without a condom and with someone who had not been tested for a few months and who could not remember their current state of sexual health. Since then, I […]

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Cash or candy? A financial lesson for children

Childhood money lessons can begin with “Money or candy?” “ Americans have a complicated relationship with money, in large part due to what we learned (or didn’t learn) as children. In most households, money is just as taboo as sex, which is why more than half of Americans said in a recent study that no […]

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Remember this is a history lesson and a moral calculation

The stage is bare, occupied only by a well-worn wooden table and two simple chairs. Where the eyes expect the stage to meet the back wall, there is only darkness. A suit jacket, tie and waistcoat are draped over the back of one of these chairs. Next to this chair is a pair of leather […]

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Local students receive a heritage lesson with the canoe project

Native birch bark canoe builder spent three weeks at St. Theresa Catholic High School to help students build a 12 foot birch bark canoe A Midland high school recently hosted a master craftsman to help students build an authentic birch bark canoe. Chuck Commanda, an Aboriginal birchbark canoe builder from Quebec, spent three weeks at […]