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22 Free Web Design Tools Coming Fall 2021

Improving the design of an e-commerce site doesn’t have to cost money. There are many free resources from the design community.

Here’s a list of new fall 2021 web tools and design elements. There are color and gradient generators, image editors, coding tools, design collaboration tools, fonts, and more. All of these tools are free, although some also offer premium versions.

Free design tools

Fable is a web-based motion design platform for teams. It offers workspaces for sharing projects, media libraries for synchronizing work, and built-in version control.


FancyBorder Generator is a tool for designing attractive borders or using ready-made templates.

Cleaning.Images is a tool to quickly retouch any image from a browser for free. Use it to remove an object or blemish from a photo, create a clean background for a product shot, and more.

Page flip text effect is a Photoshop asset containing four-color solutions for flipping pages. Hovering over text on a slide reveals what’s underneath.

Page Flip Text Effect home page

Page flip text effect

Floating UI is a low-level library for positioning “floating” elements (such as tooltips, popovers, dropdowns, menus, etc.) above the UI without disrupting the flow of content.

Lace provides a collection of customizable, professionally designed UI components based on framework-agnostic technology. Shoelace avoids building a design system from scratch or using a component library that only works with one framework.

Volley is a team communication platform for face-to-face conversations. Unlike chat tools such as Discord or Slack, Volley is based on face-to-face video messaging. And unlike video conferencing such as Zoom or FaceTime, Volley does not require simultaneous participation, eliminating the need to coordinate schedules.

Atropos JS is a lightweight, free, and open-source library for creating stunning tactile three-dimensional parallax hover effects. It is available for JavaScript, React, Vue.js and Svelte.

Atropos JS homepage

Atropos JS

Illine is a tool for generating smooth SVG lines in the browser. Add a few stitches to a canvas and a smooth curve. Then modify the resulting SVG graphic by rotating it, changing its color, applying a gradient, etc.

Huetone is a color palette tool based on the Advanced Perceptual Contrast Algorithm, a new method for calculating contrasts. Select contrast ratios, color combinations and sample palettes. Export to Figma, a vector graphics editor.

Ffflux SVG Generator is a tool for generating smooth gradients for colored backgrounds.

Codeamigo is an interactive site to master coding with a social aspect to learn and follow successful peers in the field of coding.

Codeamigo home page


Pirsch is a simple and privacy-friendly open source alternative to Google Analytics. Easily embed into any website or directly into your backend.

Blob is the no-code SaaS platform to share your APIs. It is split between a product for business users and another for developers. It’s free to share APIs with few partners or customers.

Mechanic is an open source framework for easily creating custom web design tools right in your browser. Turn your ideas into actionable tools and boost your design process.

WebVitalsRobot automates website performance testing and reporting to track what’s important and get alerted when something goes wrong. Free to monitor domain and URL.

WebVitalsRobot home page


Free fonts

Grotesk Power is a modern sans serif typeface with legibility and good contrast between black and white. It combines contemporary details with classic styles.

Power Grotesk home page

Grotesk Power

Genivo is a modern typeface in regular, light and bold typeface. It’s a clean and elegant serif with a futuristic vibe.

Genivo homepage


Had Alonira is an elegant serif font with aesthetics for logos, advertising, product packaging, social media posts, display headers, and more.

Homepage of Eu Alonira

Had Alonira

Horizon is a bold and powerful sans serif font for a headline or display banner.

Horizon Home Page


Harmond is a fresh, modern serif with a strong style and a dancing baseline. It is impressive in terms of display and text sizes which is useful for logo design and copywriting.

Harmond homepage


Jaya Baru is a thick, curvy display font with lots of character.

Jaya Baru Home Page

Jaya Baru