Portrait photography

3 portrait photography mistakes and how to fix them

Portrait photography is a popular genre that challenges a variety of skills, both with technical skills like handling your camera and lighting and with more subjective skills like working with subjects. If you want to improve your portrait, check out this fantastic video tutorial which covers three common mistakes and what you can do to fix or avoid them in the first place.

Come to you from Eli Infant, this excellent video tutorial discusses three common errors in portrait photography and explains how to correct them. As you’ll likely notice, all three errors stem from having too narrow an idea of ​​what constitutes portraiture – essentially buying into the idea of ​​the most well-known version of the genre. But portrait photography is a hugely varied and nuanced genre, and it’s about so much more than soft light and wide apertures. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you immediately subscribe to this subset of portraits instead of exploring and finding your creative voice, so don’t be afraid to experiment a little. Watch the video above for the full recap of Infanta.

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