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5 Life Hack Landscape Photography Tools


What are your go-to troubleshooting tools when photographing landscapes?

Have you ever found yourself in difficult situations on the pitch that required a little ingenuity to create the image you envisioned? Landscape photography can be a very technical and methodical profession and some of the best shooting experiences you’ll have will require a bit of troubleshooting. Some challenges come from flaws in the equipment you have, others may just be simple limitations in what your camera and lens can perform, while some challenges come from location and limitations imposed by the. environment.

In this video, I talk about 5 of my favorite tools that I always make sure they are available when I know a particular shoot will have its challenges beyond what my camera, lens, and tripod can. overcome. These five are not the usual camera / lens / tripod combinations, but rather small accessories that can either help you repair or handle your equipment, or be an alternative to what was not available at the time. Every landscape photographer has an entirely different set of experiences, and of course I don’t consider this to be a fixed, finite list, so feel free to come up with your own favorite tools in the comments.


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