Portrait photography

7 portrait photography tips and settings for Canon EOS mirrorless cameras

While upgrading your gear won’t automatically make you a better photographer, modern mirrorless cameras like the Canon EOS R range can certainly open up new creative possibilities with their wealth of features and usability.

When I switched to a Canon EOS-R5 Recently I knew the camera would offer big improvements over my DSLR, and although the amount of technology was a bit overwhelming at first, I quickly realized that the new camera was starting to change some habits, not to mention the settings, which had been part of my photographic process for years. In fact, I’ve found that my portrait techniques have evolved considerably since shooting with the new camera, luckily for the better. In my latest video, I discuss seven tips to help you improve your portrait photography, some of which are based on what I’ve learned using my R5 for almost a year. Although the video is aimed at Canon mirrorless users and includes screenshots of menus as well as specific settings that I like, all of my advice applies to anyone who wants to become a better photographer, regardless the brand you prefer. My seven tips include things like autofocus settings, auto ISO settings, lens choice, composition techniques, and more. Check it out for my full list of tips and settings.