Photography lesson

A lesson on how spotting an interesting light can improve your street photography


Light makes or breaks most scenes, whether it’s videos or photographs. In many genres it is controllable and you can configure it however you like. But with candid, wild genres – street photography for example – you need to be able to identify brief opportunities as the scenes and the light interact.

I find street photography to be one of the most captivating and memorable genres in our discipline. This is an area of ​​photography that I never get bored of looking at and I find the street photography exhibitions to be some of the most interesting I have attended. Although I am not a street photographer myself, I have spent a lot of time looking for commonalities; discussion threads that connect different street photographers ranked among the greatest.

There are a few that I could find, but there is one that arches over the rest: light. It seems that the art of being a great street photographer is to be able to capture great light. It can be a confusing feeling as it seems like you are totally dependent on the weather and luck, but it isn’t. If you can learn how bright beautiful movie scenes are and what natural light gives the best footage, you can learn to spot the moments that are worth capturing.