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A roundup of the 2022 Phmuseum Days International Photography Festival as the 2nd weekend has officially begun

Last weekend, most of the artists were in town, as well as a wonderful group of book editors, portfolio reviewers and colleagues which hosted a great opening weekend. Read everything you need to know about the festival and discover some first images of the shows and the atmosphere.

Reception of artists at the Town Hall © PhMuseum

For the second year, the PhMuseum Days international photography festival returns to Bologna. The theme of the second edition is Today is yesterday’s tomorrow, an opportunity to understand the power of actions and the relationship between past, present and future. The event, organized and organized by PhMuseum, lasts until October 2, 2022 at the Spazio Bianco in DumBOaccommodation exhibitions, conferences, screenings, portfolio reviews and a section dedicated to independent photographic edition. Among the novelties of this year are three public installations distributed in as many places of the city.

Installation view of Nothing Personal by Nikita Teryoshin and Nuke by Marcelo Brodsky © PhMuseum

The first stage of the curatorial journey begins with an analysis of the present through projects such as nothing personal by a Russian photographer Nikita Teryoshin on the trade in defense weapons, and Asphodel Song by French photographers Agathe Kalfas and Mathias Benguigui on the history of the island of Lesbos where migrants live with the inhabitants, themselves children of refugees who arrived in the early 1900s. The lens then shifts to the past with The weight of the word by Italians Piero Martinello and Piero Casentiniwhich address the culture of cancellation by recounting the demand for cancellation of certain medical eponyms born in the Nazi era; Nuke by Argentinian artist Marcelo Brodskywhich intervenes on an archive photo of a nuclear explosion, recalling that the only way to avoid future tragedies is to disarm; good hope by South African artist Carla Lieschingwhich studies the intersections between representation, knowledge and power in apartheid South Africa.

A detail from Arvida Bystrom’s show Mythical Humanoids © PhMuseum

This latest project acts as a bridge to a group of works that explore the relationship between space and time and reflect on the future and our perception of reality. These include Fusion by the Danish collective Sarah, Peter and Tobiaswhich is inspired by Elon Musk’s statement that there is a one in a billion chance that our reality is not the result of a computer simulation, and mythical humanoids by Swedish artist Arvida Bystroma digital native who reflects on femininity linked to online presence and representation.

Finally, balanced between past, present and future, we find The Line of Acqua by italian artist Sara Palmieriwhich develops a reflection on the representation and aesthetics of trauma in an attempt to resolve the fracture between individual memory and collective memory; Ukrzalіznitsia by a Ukrainian photographer Julie Polywho captured the essence of traveling on his country’s trains before the current conflict in what is now both a nostalgic memory and a positive hope for the future; How to raise your hand by italian artist Angelo Vignali, who upon discovering 313 fingerprints of his father notices a striking resemblance to his own hands and embarks on a mysterious, touching and fun existential journey. The partnership with Portofino Dry Ginwhich is once again renewing its support for the festival this year, also gave rise to the summer glow photographer’s exhibition Piergiorgio Sorgetti, who shot a series in Liguria about the feelings collected during a typical summer day between the complicity of looks, gestures and details of the Italian Riviera. So what FOLIOan exhibition devoted to the works produced during the PhMuseum masterclass on photo books.

Umbai exhibition by Munirah Almehri in collaboration with CHEAP © PhMuseum

As expected, the novelties of this edition include new collaborations with several cultural operators in the territory and a more marked presence in the city’s public spaces, starting with the collective installation in Piazza Minghetti with 42 pictures by international artists selected through an open call. The exhibition is financed by Fideuram Private Bankerand is designed to encourage a collective dialogue in the public space. With CHEAPis the exhibition on the billboards of Via dell’Abbadia presenting the images of Umbaia photographic series of the photographer Munirah Almehri which imagines queer futurism in the Kuwaiti context. At Cassero LGBTI+ Center it will be possible to visit from Friday, September 23 Neuromantic, a work by Colombian artist Ana Vallejo that combines neuroscience, psychology, images and data to investigate the theme of relationships and love addiction.

A view of Ana Vallejo’s Neuromantic installation at the Cassero LGBTI+ Center © PhMuseum

The program of conferences and photo book presentations started on Saturday September 24, with a space dedicated to independent photo editors present throughout the event. Guest editors include Blow Up Press, BOLO Paper, CESURA PUBLISH, Départ Pour L’Image, Fw:Books, GOST Books, Havaiana Papers, Macaroni Book, RVM Hub, Skinnerboox, Studiofaganel and Witty Books. Thursday September 22 also saw the start of The Narrative Impulse, a transmedia storytelling workshop with a visual artist and publisher Salvatore Vitale: three days during which the participants created a project involving the use of photography in association with other media such as sound, stock images, social platforms, video and text. Also on Saturday, September 24, we had the portfolio reviews with Bindi Vora, artist and curator at the Autograph Foundation in London, Bruno Ceschel, editor-in-chief of Self Publish Be Happy, Elisa Medde, editor-in-chief of FOAM Magazine in Amsterdam, Francesca Marani, global photo editor of PhotoVogue, Giangiacomo Cirla, director of Phroom, Giovanni Troilo, artistic director of PhEST in Monopoli, Marina Paulenka, exhibition director of Fotografiska in Berlin, Paolo Woods, artistic director of Cortona on the Move and Sara Occhipinti, co-founder of Studiofaganel in Gorizia.

Tickets and the full program are available at PhMuseum Days 2022 is carried out with the support of the Municipality of Bologna and is part of Bologna Estate 2022, the program of activities promoted and coordinated by the Municipality of Bologna and the Metropolitan City of Bologna – Tourist Territory Bologna-Modena. Sponsors: Fideuram Private Banker, Portofino Dry Gin, On Luce e Design, Stepping Stone, Tierre Infissi, 1979 Investimenti. Cultural partners: Vogue Photo Festival, DumBO, Center Cassero LGBTI+, CHEAP, Alliance Française de Bologna. Technical partners: Bologna Welcome, Trenitalia TPER, Leica Store Bologna, ItArt, Tipografia Altedo, Fuego y Matambre. Media partners:, iD, PHROOM, ZERO.

Exhibition by Angelo Vignali How to raise your hand © PhMuseum
Show by Agathe Kalfas and Mathias Benguigu Asphodel Song © PhMuseum

Detail of the exhibition by Piero Martinello and Piero Casentini The Weight of the World © PhMuseum

From Sara Palmieri’s show La Linea d’Acqua © PhMuseum
The installation The Merge by Sara Peter and Tobias, in the background Good Hope by Carla Liesching © PhMuseum

View of the group exhibition Today Is Yesterday’s Tomorrow in Piazza Minghetti, Bologna, Italy © PhMuseum