Photography lesson

A valuable lesson for all landscape photographers

Without a doubt, today’s world often demands the ability to consistently produce content at a breakneck pace, and that can put a lot of pressure on photographers. Even if you don’t make money from your photography, you might be impatient when the right shot hasn’t materialized yet. This excellent video essay follows a landscape photographer as he explains how a little patience can be one of the best things to improve your images.

Coming from Chris Sale, this excellent video essay discusses the importance of patience in landscape photography. While this is a great quality for any photographer, I think it’s especially important in landscape photography, where you don’t have control of light and conditions. Sometimes you’ll have done everything right, from scouting the location to finding the perfect composition, but the light or the clouds just aren’t perfect yet. And the hardest thing to do sometimes is just to wait, especially when you can’t wait to take the shot or want to move on to the next location. But patience is often rewarded. Watch the video above for the full Sale recap.

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