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Adobe’s new Creative Cloud Express simplifies powerful editing tools

Adobe knows there’s a wider audience of potential creators than full-fledged professionals, which is why it’s launching a new app that tries to open up some of its most powerful tools to hobbyists. The app, called Creative Cloud Express, offers basic versions of image and video editing tools, allowing users to work with layers, AI effects and a huge library of fonts, the all with a simplified interface that is supposed to make it easier to use the features.

“A lot of people need something simpler and more accessible, and those customers are increasingly prioritizing content and focusing more on results than process,” said Scott Belsky, chief product officer at Adobe. The edge. Creative Cloud Express is designed so that new users don’t have to “endure the learning curve” of Adobe’s more capable tools like Photoshop and can quickly create something that looks good.

The app appears to be designed for social media managers, small business owners, and anyone else who has something to promote but isn’t a graphic design pro.

When you start, you can choose from pre-designed templates for different purposes: a flyer, a Facebook post, an Instagram story, a YouTube thumbnail, a restaurant menu, a book cover, etc. Once you choose a template, you can adjust all the features it contains. In a short demo video sent to The edge, an Adobe product manager showed how to adjust text, import new assets from Adobe’s Picture Library, and add animation. One particularly clever feature was automatically removing the background from a stock image, leaving the image to focus only on its subject.

The app is free to start, but additional features, such as access to Adobe Stock images, are available for a $9.99 per month subscription (these are also included for existing subscribers of many Creative Cloud plans) . It launches today and is available on iOS, Android, and web.

Belsky sees this launch as a step toward creating accessible versions of all of Adobe’s most powerful tools. “I hope I can tell my teams…whatever you do is amazing for After Effects or Premiere Pro,” says Belsky, “find a light and accessible version that could be accessible to everyone and start deliver innovations that anyone can access, as opposed to just creative professionals. »