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An acclaimed food critic gave a history lesson on the origin of Korean fried chicken, and you already know who to credit

During the Netflix episode “Battle Tailgate” Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legendhost Alton Brown dropped some knowledge about the origin of Korean fried chicken, and it might just be the show’s best moment.

In a clip of the viral moment, Brown and co-host Kristen Kish watched chef challenger Esther Choi and iron chef Marcus Samuelsson face off in the kitchen.

Noticing Choi dropping stuffed chicken wings in the fryer, Brown mentioned that she planned to serve the judges Korean stuffed fried chicken wings. Kish, who is Korean, was delighted with the menu choice.

“Looks like they’re going to fry those stuffed wings,” Brown says in the clip.

“Ugh! Korean fried chicken is by far the best fried chicken on earth,” Kish said.

Before Kish could get another word of praise, Brown was quick to give him a history lesson on his favorite type of fried chicken.

“And do you know why?” he asked Kish. “Because it was taught to Korean cooks by African-American GIs after the World War.”

Brown’s extensive knowledge as a food show presenter shone as he turned to the camera with a blank facial expression.

“If I had a mic, I’d drop it right now,” Kish replied. “Excellent done.”

The clip, shared on Facebook, garnered thousands of likes and shares. Many viewers praised Brown for her knowledge.

“Yeah. He’s invited to the BBQ. Lol,” one user wrote.

“Let them know, Alton!” another added.

“The face you make after dropping a black fact,” one Facebook user wrote with a screenshot of Brown cutting into the camera.

Choi ended up taking the win, beating Samuelsson with his Asian-inspired take on tailgate food.

Brown proves he knows what he’s talking about throughout the series, dropping gems of knowledge in nearly every episode.

He has hosted several shows, including Ruthless Kitchen, Good food, and more. Brown is a chef, author, actor and cinematographer.

He also served as director of photography for several music videos, including REM’s “The One I Love,” reports Biography.