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Apple video teaches iPhone owners how to master portrait photography


Learn from New York photographer Mark Clennon.
Photo: apple

Want to make the most of Portrait mode on your iPhone? Check out the latest “Today at Apple” video, which teaches you portrait photography tips designed to improve your directing, shooting and editing skills.

Apple goes to great lengths to integrate star cameras into the iPhone, and they get better with every refresh. This is one of the reasons the iPhone is, and has been for many years, the most popular camera in the world.

It’s such a shame, then, if you take these wonderful cameras in your pocket and don’t use them to take spectacular photos. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to get great results. Apple makes it easy for everyone.

How to take stellar portrait photos

In its latest “Today at Apple” video, Apple teaches us how to get the most out of the Camera app’s Portrait mode. In just over five minutes, it can show you how to improve your setup, shooting and editing skills on the go.

The video features Mark Clennon, a self-taught photographer from New York City, offering his tips for capturing “your own powerful portraits.” It seeks to bring energy and creativity to your shots, experiment with different angles to highlight your subject, and crop for added impact.

Check it out:

Clennon’s results prove that you don’t need a dedicated camera and expensive setup with professional lighting to take amazingly portrait photos. You just need your iPhone, a willing subject, and a little effort.

Check out Apple’s official YouTube channel for more “Today at Apple” video tutorials, including one on using Night Mode and one on making looping videos in the Clips app.


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