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Teshima Art Museum, Teshima, Japan, 2010 – Ryue Nishizawa; photo © Iwan Baan

Architectural photography is as old as photography itself; its origins date back to the 1830s when pioneers such as Nicéphore Niépce and Henry Fox Talbot experimented with their primitive equipment, which typically required very long exposure times and painfully slow preparation, imagining buildings as their favorite subject, perhaps because the buildings generally did not move during the exposition.
Over 170 years have passed since those pioneering days, cameras and imaging technology have changed dramatically, as has architecture. Yet interest in architectural photography has never waned and is as strong in the 2020s as it was a century ago.
That’s one of the reasons we’re featuring some of the most beloved architectural photographers past and present here. Different by their style, their nationality, their cultural and professional background, they perfectly express in their diversity the many possible ways of seeing, feeling and representing architecture. Alongside great photographers, we will also cover various topics related to architectural photography, from major events and exhibitions to new technological and artistic trends. Stay tuned!

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