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Conceptual portrait photography exhibition at Ilkley


LEEDS artistic photographer, Gemma Wood has always aspired to take photos. She had no idea that her journey would take her thousands of kilometers to Canada and back.

“Moving to a small farming town in Perdue, Canada ten years ago gave me a new perspective on a lot of things… the change in lifestyle, relationships, lack of jobs locally – all of these. ingredients led me to grab a camera and start documenting how I was feeling, ”she said.

“The camera was there for me and gave me something to focus on and put my passion on.”

Having successful exhibitions in Canada, Gemma was keen to have her work presented again in front of an audience upon her return to Leeds. In August, Gemma Wood is delighted to announce her first UK exhibition at Ilkley Arts Studio. “The ancient moor around which I grew up often lends itself to being the backdrop for many of my artwork, so having my first UK exhibition at Ilkley was a great welcome back for me. . I hope this will be the first of many exhibitions.

As an avid reader, Gemma draws inspiration from authors such as the Brothers Grimm, Lewis Carol, old English proverbs and folklore, and the Romantic movement. Using symbolism, human form, tones and textures, all of her images have their own meaning and their own visual story to tell. Gemma expresses her thoughts, feelings and dreams, which in turn makes her fearless work personal and introspective. And that’s something his audience can relate to. Feelings of seeking and of hope in dark times.

Reignite Exhibition – Conceptual Portrait Photography will be at Ilkley Art Studio, Cottage No 4, Castle Yard, LS29 9DT on August 9, 2019 from

6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. For more information on Gemma’s work visit www.gemmawoodphotography.co.uk or Instagram – gemmawphotography


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