Portrait photography

Continuous lights versus flash for portrait photography

It used to be that continuous lighting was too hot or just not powerful enough to illuminate portraits, but LEDs have come a long way in recent years and are now a viable alternative to strobes in some situations. This great video looks at both options while showing off a single light that can do both.

Come to you from Miguel Quilesthis neat video examines shooting portraits with flash and constant light while working with the Rotolight Aeos 2, a unique hybrid light. LEDs have come a long way lately, and while they still don’t offer the same power as a studio strobe, they can work for certain needs and situations. For example, I was a big fan of the Broncolor F160 in my test. In particular, with a mirrorless camera, the ability to see your exact render and exposure at all times is quite impressive, although you have to consider the drawbacks as well. Hopefully the technology will continue to advance and move even closer to dedicated strobes in the years to come.

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