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Dad asks if he’s a fool for teaching his daughter a lesson in respect to his new wife and child by refusing to pay for her college

Whenever it comes to “soap operas”, people often criticize them. Sometimes rightly so, sometimes not so much, but more often than not the main factor in the accusation is the utterly implausible plot twists of these TV shows.

On the one hand, you just have to put yourself in the shoes of the showrunners and screenwriters who, day after day, have to invent new twists to not only surprise the viewer, but also compete effectively with many competitors. On the other hand, real life sometimes throws us stories that no screenwriter can invent.

Just look at this tale on the AITA Reddit community, which has all the elements of a real “soap” – and yet it’s completely real! By the way, the original post has nearly 17,000 upvotes and over 7,100 miscellaneous comments so far. Perhaps strong arguments to read!

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The original poster and his wife divorced when their daughter was 2 as she was texting other men

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So the original poster is now just under 40, and the daughter from his first marriage is 19 and has just started college. The PO and his ex-wife Lauren got married at a very young age, and when their daughter Ariel was born, they faced a lot of problems, but tried to stay together.

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After several years the PO married his wife’s friend and they have a son

When the girl was two, Lauren’s friend Tori told the OP that his wife was actively texting other men. The OP checked his phone and found it to be true. After a family scandal, the husband filed for divorce, and although Lauren offered to reconcile, they still broke up. Custody was shared, although the stepfather even offered the PO money to refuse.

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It’s still unclear what led Tori when she told her friend’s husband about that text, but two years later she and the OP started dating, and two years later they hooked up. married. The OP and Tori’s son is now 13, but the problem is, according to the OP, the ex-wife tried to make his life hell.

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The problem is that the OP’s daughter doesn’t want to communicate with her new family anyway.

As the OP himself says, Lauren spoke ill of him and Tori in the eyes of his daughter, claiming that he cheated on her with his own friend, which resulted in the birth of the OP’s half-brother. ‘Ariel – though elementary arithmetic proves otherwise. As a result, the girl, although she communicated normally with her father, categorically refused to perceive her stepmother and stepbrother in any way.

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On the days the girl came to the OP, she ignored all attempts by Tori and her stepbrother to strike up a conversation with her and just went to her room. After several years of unsuccessful attempts, they gave up. The father also gave up, although he says he spent thousands on psychotherapy.

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The PO decided to punish his daughter for ignoring his wife and son and refused to pay for her university

And then the time came when Ariel went to college. For the first semester, as the parents had originally agreed, the mother paid, but the father had to pay for the second. But after another step by his daughter, in his own words, he couldn’t stand it and refused to pay.

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As the man himself admitted, he does not want to withdraw money from his household if his daughter has ignored two-thirds of her family for many years. Lauren called the OP a jerk on the phone, then Ariel called him the same. The father said he had paid child support for many years and the daughter should consider a student loan if she did not try to reconcile with her family.

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The OP’s wife supported him but other relatives strongly criticized the man

According to the PO, his wife supported him, although all other relatives refused, and some even strongly criticized him. So the man just decided to put it online to find out what Internet users think of this situation.

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The opinions of commentators on this situation are divided

It must be said that the opinions of the editors in this situation were divided. Some think that the OP is completely innocent of everything, but the girl simply doesn’t respect him, because her mother turned her against her father and her new family. In this case, commentators simply advise the man not to be too categorical.

As for the other people in the comments, they can’t help but point out that it was very unwise for the OP to marry Tori – even if sometime after his divorce. As a result, it was the OP’s actions that largely predetermined Lauren and her daughter’s response, so now the man has to decide something – and it’s far from certain that refusing to fund his daughter’s college be a very good decision.

Perhaps your opinions will also be divided as to who is right and who is wrong in this particular story. In any case, be sure to write in the comments what you think about it, and how, in your opinion, the original poster should act now.