Photography tools

Edit the landscape from start to finish using new tools in Adobe Lightroom

Adobe’s updates for Lightroom and Photoshop have been well received, with plenty of positivity surrounding what can now be comfortably automated. In this video, Nigel Danson edits a landscape image from start to finish in Lightroom, using some of these new tools.

There have been discussions about how much editing you should do with landscape photographs for decades, with many saying a purist approach is best, using very little editing. However, one of my favorite counter-arguments is mentioned in this Danson video. He talks about filming in Ireland in high winds and a clearly stunning sunset. The strong winds were crashing the sea on the rocks and kicking up some sea spray. This, combined with the low sun, created a beautiful haze and an ethereal feel to the stage.

Nonetheless, in the straight-out-camera image, you don’t get that feeling. It happens to me regularly when I decide to venture out of my photographic comfort zone and capture a landscape; what I saw and what I captured don’t always match. This is sometimes due to user error, and since I’m not a landscape photographer, it’s probably for me, but it can happen to even the best. This is where editing can serve a purpose beyond stylistic choices and can help you replicate what you wanted to capture in the first place.