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CATE manages several learning tools at UIC and makes licenses available to individual instructors free of charge. These centrally managed learning tools have been vetted by Tech Solution’s security team and are FERPA compliant. CATE’s support team has experts for these tools who can help with setup and any issues that arise.

There are also a number of great tools that are not supported by CATE, and that number has only increased since the pandemic began and online learning has increased. Many of these tools may have been given away for free or scooped up for use by specific departments to help with the initial move to remote learning. However, if a trial period has ended or a department has not renewed a license, the cost of continuing to use these tools could end up falling on the instructors.

CATE encourages teachers to review the tools they use in their teaching and ensure they understand how they are funded and whether they are accessible and FERPA-compliant. CATE has a list of commonly used but not centrally supported EdTech apps to give instructors a little more information.

Instructors are also encouraged to review the UIC FERPA tutorial to understand what kind of student information can and cannot be shared with outside sources, including tools that have not been approved by CATE and TechSolutions.

For questions about specific tools or FERPA concerns, contact the Center for Advancement of Teaching Excellence staff at [email protected]