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EMMA DUNN has been CAPTURING UNFORGETTABLE WEDDING MOMENTS through video and photography for over 4½ years. If she does portraits of families and seniors, among other things, she considers weddings to be her specialty.

“To be given the task of documenting such an important event in a couple’s life is truly special,” she said. “I love helping to set the stage so these moments can be preserved and shared with future generations.”

The creative process behind the scenes of Emma’s photos is impressive. Emma’s photography degree has given her a knowledge base in many types of settings, all of which she uses to photograph and film weddings.

“My degree exposed me to all types of photo, video and landscape studio lighting,” she said. “Wedding photography really includes everything. It integrates portrait, documentary (moments), still life (objects) and landscape (nature). It’s really all in one.”

When Emma captures a moment through a photo, a lot of care and attention goes into it. It does more than just take a picture.

“Composition is really important for wedding photos,” she said. “I work to document memories in a beautiful way so that we end up with something that can be used as a work of art.”

Emma also considers each couple’s individual preferences and strives to express them through her photography. “One of my favorite things is bonding with couples and being with them at such an exciting time in life,” she said. “I use it as inspiration. This is a representation of the beginning of their life together. I document their love story and their unique personalities.

Emma recommends couples make an appointment with a photographer and videographer soon after deciding on the wedding date.

“Once you have a wedding date, choose the venue first,” she said. “Then schedule a video and photo so you can get the person you want. Try 6 months in advance. If you have a popular wedding date, plan as soon as possible. Weekdays are more likely to be open.

Emma also stresses to engaged couples the importance of hiring a professional wedding photographer. Too often, she hears the regrets of people who didn’t hire a professional.

“Your wedding day only comes once,” she said. It’s always so sad to hear people say they’d rather focus on good photos than skimp on their budget. These photos will be a representation of you and your spouse and your new life together so that you can fully remember your day and share it with your family. You will want to make this a priority.

“I also recommend wedding videography. I also suggest it. It can really bring back the memories later. It will capture the emotion of it all in a whole different way. If your photos don’t make you cry, your video will.

One thing Emma loves about weddings is how they bring people together. “It’s a moment where you see families coming together with people close to the bride and groom. It’s a rare thing, almost like a big family reunion. Capturing that on video is special.

Either way, Emma thinks being a photographer is the perfect job for her. “I love creating and showing people the beauty that I see,” she said. “Showing people a photo I took of them is special. They might not have seen themselves that way. It’s so awesome when they say, ‘Wow. I look really good.’

“I also love that I can serve the couple in such an important way. I have experience. I know what could go wrong. I can help the bride get what she needs and watch the details that other people might miss.

Emma is always eager to help a couple have a great experience to make their special day even more memorable. “One of the biggest compliments I get is, ‘It was so much better than I expected. It was really, really fun. Good photographers make it fun and make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Some people don’t think they’re photogenic, but the right photographer can help any couple preserve beautiful moments from their wedding day.