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Gummy Bear Government Makes Course Stick – School News Network

East Grand Rapids – File this under unusual classroom instructions: “Don’t eat your gummy bears until you’re done with your gummy bear governments.”

The Frame, Room 208 at East Grand Rapids Middle School. The class, sixth-grade social studies and the teacher giving instructions to the gummy bear, Kristine DiVita.

Well-informed, his students got down to business: illustrating various forms of government — from dictatorship to direct democracy, with six other options in between — using gummy bears to do it. For each form of government, students were to add captions from the perspective of gummy bears that would describe the form of government depicted.

And they could indeed eat the gummy bears once they had illustrated each of the eight forms of government, taken a picture of each, uploaded all the pictures to a slideshow on their classroom’s learning management system, and added the appropriate captions.

Hands-On Makes Sticking

So, well motivated, the students around the room, in pairs and alone, began to work.

Farha Malviya and Brynn Leestma quickly teamed up and debated the best ways to use gummy bears to represent direct democracy. Farha lined up a small line of gummy bear voters and took a picture, while Brynn pondered what it might be like for gummy bears to be part of a monarchy and tagged them. arranged accordingly.

“When I get that taste in my mouth, I’ll remember the gummy bear government. Even when I’m 90, I’ll remember it.

– Jack Dockery, sixth-grade student

Across the room, Jack Dockery and Hans Cubillo were dividing up the work, with Jack setting up the gummy bears and taking the photos and Hans adding the photos and descriptions to the slideshow the two were creating.

Nearby, Grace Vargas and Brody Leete were toiling away, quickly assessing the different forms of government, placing gummy bears in the right places for each, taking photos, and loading the images into their slideshow.

Kristine DiVita explains different forms of government and sets up gummy bear homework for her students

As they worked, the students thought about the assignment.

Fun, they all agreed, but educational too.

“I think it’s cool to use gummy bears,” Farha said. “Showing that makes it much easier to understand.”

Brynn, Grace and Brody agreed.

Direct Democracy as Envisioned by Farha Malviya and Illustrated by Gummy Bears

“Practice makes memorization easier,” Brynn said, while Grace added that “using gummy bears like this will make it stick, I think.”

Jack said: ‘When I get this taste in my mouth I will remember the gummy bear government. Even when I’m 90, I’ll remember it.

DiVita, standing nearby, laughs upon hearing Jack’s assessment.

Later, she told a visitor that her students’ reactions were exactly why she created the assignment.

“I’m always looking for hands-on activities for social studies,” she said. “I was able to find this idea online and adapt it to our government unit. Anytime students ‘show off what they know’, it helps with retention.