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Hasselblad Masters 2021 photography competition announces 12 winners

Hasselblad Masters is a prestigious and widely acclaimed professional photography competition open to acclaimed professionals as well as budding newcomers. Owning and using a Hasselblad camera is not mandatory to enter the contest, entries from entrants using any brand of camera are accepted.

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The winners of this year’s competition were chosen through a combination of public voting and decisions made by a professional jury selected by Hasselblad Masters, made up of internationally renowned photographers and imaging experts.

At the conclusion of the voting process by the public jury and the grand jury, the 12 winners of each category which were officially announced and titled “Hasselblad Masters” are:

Air Category – Florian Ledoux from Norway:

(Image credit: © Florian Ledoux)

Architecture Category – Albrecht Voss from Germany:

(Image credit: © Albrecht Voss)

Art Category – Gavin Goodman from South Africa

(Image credit: © Gavin Goodman)

Beauty & Fashion Category – Ramón Vaquero from Spain

(Image credit: © Ramón Vaquero)

Landscape / Nature Category – Honghua Shi from China

(Image credit: © Honghua Shi)

Portrait Category – Marek Würfl from Slovakia

(Image credit: © Marek Würfl)

Product Category – Paul Fuentes from UK

(Image credit: © Paul Fuentes)

Project // 21 Category – Yihao Wang from China

(Image credit: © Yihao Wang)

Street / Urban Category – Nikolay Schegolev of Russia

(Image credit: © Nikolay Schegolev)

Wedding Category – Mati Machner from Austria

(Image credit: © Mati Machner)

Wildlife Category – Alice Zilberberg from Israel

(Image credit: © Alice Zilberberg)

Patrimony Category (New) – Marcus Møller Bitsch from Denmark and France

(Image credit: © Marcus Møller Bitsch)

Each Hasselblad Masters winner receives a new Hasselblad medium format mirrorless camera to keep. Additionally, the winners will shoot a collaborative project with Hasselblad using their new Hasselblad camera. This project will then be published in the Hasselblad Masters commemorative book as well as digitally on all Hasselblad channels, a spectacular display for the winners.

This year’s competition expanded to 12 categories, to include Heritage, which commemorated 80 years of Hasselblad. The Hasselblad Masters 2021 received a record 63,000 images submitted, double the number of entries in 2018.

To see more images of this year’s winners, as well as work from previously titled “Hasselblad Masters”, check out their image gallery.

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