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Improve your portrait photography with TriFlection at the Photography Show

If you are a portrait photographer, you know what a good different lighting accessory can do. However, you don’t need a full set of expensive lights to capture a great portrait – the humble reflector can be a game-changer in itself. However, photographer and inventor Stu Williamson decided to take the reflector one step further with the TriFlection.

The TriFlection reflector is a step up from Williamson’s original TriFlector reflector, which featured three trapezoidal-shaped reflective panels with a tilting mechanism to customize how the light reflected.

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However, the new and improved TriFlection includes the addition of strong metal joints originally designed for drum kits and new panel adapters that allow users to separate the panel if desired.


The TriFlection reflector in action in a studio environment. (Image credit: Gary Hill/TriFlection)

Made and hand sewn in the UK by ClickProps, the TriFlection reflector has adapters that can fit any light stand and give two more stops of light than the original TriFlector. Users can take advantage of several different setups, giving photographers ultimate flexibility when it comes to creating exciting lighting setups. Each reflector panel is reversible, silver on one side and white on the other.

The TriFlection reflector is designed to be lightweight and portable, coming in a box that photographers can use to transport the reflector anywhere, whether in a studio or outdoors on location.

the TriFlection reflector has an RRP of £299 – and if you’re at the Photography Show you can come to stand C608, C700 to take a look at the reflector kit in person!

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