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ISS Cosmonaut Teaches Flat Earths Space Photography Course


Cosmonaut Ivan Vagner took this view of Angel Falls from the ISS with a 1600mm zoom.

Ivan Vagner / Roscosmos

Ivan Vagner from Roscosmos has been orbiting Earth on the International Space Station for months now. He has shared tons of photos of Earth monuments on social media, and it looks like he would like flat earth believers to rethink.

Vagner posted a space photography lesson on Twitter and Instagram on Wednesday. “Sometimes I see comments saying the photos here were taken from an airplane, while the Terrans doubt they were taken from space,” he tweeted.

“Right from the start of my flight I wrote that I was taking pictures with a 1600mm lens, which is why the objects look so big,” Vagner wrote.

The Plat-Terres believe our planet is shaped more like a pancake than a sphere, which does not fit well with the idea that the ISS is in space and travels around our globe. This is why Flatlands suggests that the beautifully detailed photos Vagner shares are taken from an airplane and passed off as space.

Vagner developed the concept of focal length through a post on Instagram showing three views of Angel Falls in Venezuela. The scenic waterfall was a much sought after target for the cosmonaut, who lucked out with the cloud cover and managed to capture it.

The images were taken at focal lengths of 80mm, 500mm and 1600mm, resulting in a progression of ever closer views until Angel Falls took center stage thanks to the magic of the camera. zoom. “I hope there will be no more questions,” Vagner wrote on Instagram.

The lesson on Vagner’s lens might not change your mind, but it is a solid reminder of the fantastic photographic equipment cosmonauts and astronauts have on the ISS. It gives us all here on Earth a different and valuable perspective on our round world.

Meanwhile, NASA is celebrating 20 years aboard the ISS. Here are some of the best space stations photos taken during nearly two decades of crewed orbit.


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