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JK Photography launches local business initiative in Cumbria

Called “local schools supporting local businesses,” it’s Joanne Strong’s project that she says comes at a more important time than ever.

School photography is an aspect of Joanne’s livelihood that she enjoys very much.

Joanne knows that strong credentials are important to ensure schools know they are receiving professional quality service.

She said: “I recently became a member of the Master Photographers Association, only 5% of photographers in the UK achieve this status so I’m really proud of how far I’ve come.

“I am also a member of the Federation of Small Businesses and holder of an enhanced DBS certificate.

“I always strive to ensure that schools can be sure they are receiving the very best for students and their parents.”

Joanne will forever be grateful to Carolyn Murray, the late Principal of Norman Street Primary School.

“She sadly passed away in January after a short illness with cancer,” she said.

“I photographed the 2020 lockdown leavers event and then Carolyn encouraged me to pursue school photography.

“When the Covid restrictions eased, I did the individual school photographs.

“The following year, after further confinement, Carolyn put me in touch with another school based in Carlisle.

“I then wrote to local schools to share local schools supporting local business initiatives; I now have six schools in Carlisle that I photograph.

“That element of the business that I am determined to continue to grow in Carolyn’s legacy. She gave me so much support when I needed it most.

Another school Joanne has worked closely with is Cumwhinton School.

Joanne hopes to establish herself in more local schools and has reached out to many people in the area.

She added: “The turnout has been really good lately, and I think that’s partly because they’re bringing a local photographer to a local school.

“I love working with my local community and I’m really excited to see my initiative grow.”

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