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Local photography exhibit featuring student work goes digital

A local high school art teacher has come up with a unique photography challenge for her students.

No matter the skill behind the lens, the works of 21 Sandwich high school students are on display for the enjoyment of the community.

“I was a little afraid of the camera,” says Grade 11 student Madison Vazzoler.

The 16-year-old took a camera for the first time in September.

“In September, I wasn’t particularly good at photography. I was still working with the camera. There were a lot of things I didn’t know how to do. But now that I really know how to do things, I take it every day and take pictures,” says Vazzoler.

A group of photography students from Sandwich High School worked on their photography skills throughout the semester.

“With photography, you can go out into the world and explore and get every little detail about every tree, everything blooming,” says Grade 11 student Jake Oliver.

Sanja Srdanov, a photography teacher, says she is always looking for opportunities for her students to showcase their talent.

“I’m always looking for ways to get their work out there and showcase it in the community and get parents and grandparents to come check it out,” says Srdanov.

So when the Leamington Arts Center launched its amateur photography exhibition, 21 of its students eagerly signed up.

“I was a little nervous at first, I didn’t think any of the pictures I took were good. We picked two pictures to put in the gallery and this is my first gallery so I’m pretty excited to see what was going to happen,” says Vazzoler.

But just as the exhibition was supposed to open, another set of restrictions closed the doors of the gallery, forcing the exhibition to go digital.

“It’s online, but it’s a whole different experience to go to the show’s opening and closing reception, the awards show, meet the jury and talk to the gallery director. It’s a huge social event for them,” says Srdanov.

“It kinda sucked because I was really hoping to see the exhibit in person,” says Vazzoler.

Judging will take place on January 22 and the winners will be announced shortly after. In the meantime, the students are trying to make the most of the virtual show.

“Because there’s a virtual tour, maybe more people can see it now than if it were in person,” says Oliver.

“Maybe in the future they should also have this link, because you can send the link to your grandparents abroad or elsewhere and they can also have the experience of going through it,” says Srdanov. .