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“Luminous La Jolla”: Kathryn Anthony will present her photography highlighting her hometown

Longtime La Jolla resident Kathryn Anthony makes sure she’s never far from her iPhone to capture that perfect shot, blending intention and chance for photography that she says is so satisfying.

Anthony will showcase his photography, in which La Jolla is heavily represented, in a digital exhibit and artist talk at 5 p.m. Thursday, July 28 at BFree Studio, 7857 Girard Ave. in La Jolla.

The event, titled “Luminous La Jolla…and Other Adorable Landscapes,” will be Anthony’s first time exhibiting his photographs in La Jolla, and it falls on an auspicious date: the centenary of his late father’s birthday.

The showcase is Anthony’s opportunity to honor his father, Harry, who moved the family to La Jolla from New York more than 50 years ago when Anthony was in high school.

The exhibit will also include some of Anthony’s favorite images from his travels around the world.

Photos of Anthony de La Jolla are published occasionally in the La Jolla Light’s Photos from the Week series.

“I am very grateful to the La Jolla Light,” she said. “It’s largely the support of [its] editor that made me think of doing something like this.

“I thought maybe it was of interest to a wider audience. Maybe my photos have the potential to go beyond my computer.

Kathryn Anthony says her photos are the result of a combination of planning and chance.

(Courtesy of Kathryn Anthony)

But Anthony, a professor of architecture at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign who teaches remotely, is not new to sharing his photos. Her photos have been displayed at the office of the Consulate General of Greece and the gift shop of the National Hellenic Museum in Chicago and featured in a calendar, among other things.

She also posts on Facebook, often inspiring friends around the world to visit La Jolla.

“[My] the photos opened a window to a world they didn’t know but were so excited to discover,” Anthony said.

“When I take these photos, it’s a dialogue I have with myself…expressing my gratitude for being in this beautiful place right now,” she said. “It’s an affirmation to me, in a way, of all that is good in this world.”

Anthony takes many photos daily, using only his iPhone. “I rarely go out and take no pictures,” she said.

For Anthony, photography also allows him to experience instant gratification. Her academic work – the books, research articles and scholarly presentations she writes – takes much longer to produce.

“Photography is instantaneous,” she said. “You take advantage of it right away.”

Anthony said her phone was always in her hands when she walked around, allowing her to open the camera and click on anything that caught her eye. Usually it’s the changing light, she said.

One of the things she loves about La Jolla, she said, “is that you can go to the same place every day and it will always look different. You never get the same image twice.

La Jolla has “a moving landscape,” Anthony said. “We have a moving ocean, we have seals, sea lions; we have moving targets” for photos.

She said her photos can be planned or be a matter of timing as she performs at events like a beach wedding. Either can make for great photos, she said.

“Luminous La Jolla… and Other Lovable Landscapes” is free and open to the public, but registration is required. To register or for more information, visit and click on “Events”. ◆