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Matt Koelsch Learns a Valuable Lesson About Temporary Love in His New Single/Video “Part Time Lover”

On her new single/video “Part-Time Lovers,” singer composer Matt Koelsch learns a hard lesson about the dangers of temporary love. Over its upbeat rhythm of driving guitars punctuated by sharp brass and strings, it tells the story of a relationship with a woman who is already heavily involved with someone else. Caught up in the emotion and the thrill – complications inevitably arise – as the song and the clip show very clearly. But albeit rather surprisingly.

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“Part-time lover / She got a full-time man / I bet he don’t love her, how I can,” Koelsch moans over the choppy instrumentation. As he tries to do everything he can to convince himself that what they’re doing is right, the upbeat nature of the song seems to agree with them. But there’s a dark note amid the saxophones and horns – and especially when Koelsch gives his sad whistle solo halfway through the song.

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The music video for the song, directed by Aaron Erol Ozlevi, reveals a much different story that unfolds in the lyrics of “Part Time Lover.” At first it looks like we’re watching the song speaker wave goodbye and spend a day swimming with her part-time lover – but then she slaps him, leaves, and it’s not long before another girl reappears. .

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This continues over and over as he performs the same moves with each new woman, which begins to imply that he could be the other man. That one or the Koelsch lecturer dates a lot of women with part-time lovers. Either way, it’s a one song jam!

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Watch the music video for Matt Koelsch’s new single “Part Time Lover” below!

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