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New Insta360 AI video tools add options for creative moviemaking

360 video has opened up tons of new creative opportunities for filmmakers, even when not shooting in 360 mode. Apps included with new cameras such as Insta360’s ONE X2 can crop and trim video into compelling 2D footage , and new modes that incorporate AI create previously unknown possibilities.

In this video, 360 video creator and YouTuber Ben Claremont explores some of the new features recently released in Insta360’s Shotlab, and it’s pretty crazy how far the AI ​​has come and what it’s able to figure out with it. these effects.

Claremont introduces four new shots that can be used if they were shot with an Insta360 ONE X2, the Insta360 ONE RS and the old Insta360 ONE R: Cinelapse, Freeze Throw, Center Stage and Clone Loop.

Cinelapse takes two walking scenes, intelligently determines what the key elements are, then stitches them together with a quick transition. It’s pretty trippy but can lead to some cool effects.

Frozen throwing involves throwing a camera in the air with the software detecting the top of the throw to create a 360 still image before the footage is brought down to earth. Although I’m unsure about the concept of throwing a camera, the effect is quite interesting. Drop it, though, and you’ll lose several hundred dollars. I guess that’s why the Insta360 Titan is not supported with this effect?

The center stage pretty much does what it says it will do, which is to actively work to keep a subject framed in the shot, although it’s hard to see how that works any differently from the tracking modes existing.

The clone loop adds a new party trick where if you want to clone yourself in frames, you don’t have to be still. The software can track a subject and automatically clone the movement around the camera in frame. This is an effect that would be very difficult to edit in traditional video software.

If you’re looking to breathe new life into your old 360 camera or want to step up your 360 movie making, these effects should definitely be worth a look.