Photography lesson

New lesson plans help Hackney pupils recognize the contribution of Windrush generations

The Diverse Curriculum, launched in October 2020, includes more than 50 modules that can be adapted to student needs and used at any time. To date there have been 2383 registrations worldwide including schools from Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Australia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Egypt and Brunei.

Notes to Editors

The new lesson plans can be accessed here:

Laura Henry-Allain MBE is an award-winning international writer, speaker and consultant. She is the creator of the beloved CBeebies characters, JoJo and Gran Gran, as well as the series’ associate producer. She is also an executive producer of a few shows in development.

She is vice-president of the UK Association for Early Childhood Education and an education consultant for several well-known brands as well as children’s media, television and publishing.

Marlene Wylie Through 25 years of teaching art, craft and design and technology, Marlene Wylie uses a lens of lived experience to support the development of anti-racist approaches to education. His parents arrived in Hackney from the Caribbean in the early 1960s as part of the Windrush era. She was born in Hackney and although she moved away soon after, she returned to work as a freelance textile designer and educational consultant. Her job now is to support and advise those responsible for arts, crafts, design and technology through an extensive network of professional art educators in her role as president-elect of the National Society of Education in Art and Design (NSEAD)

Poppy Bienias is Deputy Headmaster, Head of English and Humanities and Year 6 teacher at St John St James CoE School in Hackney. She is passionate about creating programs and cultures in schools that respond to the diversity of the country we live in and that allow young people to explore and express what matters to them.

Hackney Windrush Art Commission

The announcement was made on National Windrush Day 2020 following an extensive consultation process which began in 2018. The final decision to select Thomas J Price and Veronica Ryan to do two separate works was made by a panel including Hackney residents, Windrush activists, artists. , architects and local councilors including Cllr Carole Williams – Hackney appointed chief of staff for Windrush. The panel was chaired by Mark Sealy, director of Hackney-based gallery Autograph ABP, with the endorsement of Mayor Phillip Glanville.

Thomas J. Price

Thomas J Price was born in South London (1981). He obtained his BA in Fine Art Sculpture from Chelsea College of Art (2001-2004) and completed his MA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art in (2004-2006). Price’s practice spans sculpture, photography, film and animation. Price has held solo exhibitions at prestigious institutions including The Power Plant, Toronto, Canada; The National Portrait Gallery, London, UK; and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, West Bretton, UK. Price’s sculpture ‘The Distance Within’ is currently on display at Marcus Garvey Park, New York, through October 2022 as part of ‘Witness’; a commissioned project with Studio Museum Harlem. In 2021, he joined the international Hauser and Wirth gallery. Price lives and works in London.

Free lands

The Freelands Foundation was established in 2015 to give more people the opportunity to engage and enjoy the arts in the UK, with a particular focus on education. Their ambition is to give everyone access to arts education in the belief that it elevates their aspirations and transforms their opportunities in life. They have worked with over 30 arts organizations across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to support artists and expand their engagement in their communities.

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