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Ana offers her experience and dedication to getting the right atmosphere and lighting for newborn photography. Newborn sessions are designed to capture the first days of life when babies change most rapidly.

Capture the Moment By Ana is pleased to announce that the studio has implemented several safety measures to prevent the spread of diseases such as COVID-19. Some of the practices implemented by Ana include sanitizing surfaces between each newborn photography client session. She disinfects props and fabrics before use and uses face masks to protect herself. Only immediate family is allowed to be present during the photo shoot. She makes sure to practice social distancing and no pets are allowed in the studio. Photoshoots are only scheduled in the daytime between clients to provide sanitization time.

Newborn photography requires special skills to ensure the infant is safe and calm. In fact, according to a recent blog post on the website, babies are best put to sleep so pose them for plenty of newborn shots. Newborns are very flexible during these first days of life, so it is easier to pose them, but it does require the proper knowledge and experience to perform the pose safely.

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Ana photographs broken cakes as a way to recognize another milestone in the child’s life. The event is often associated with the child’s first birthday. Cake is one that can be eaten or worn or both. A photo shoot to commemorate this anniversary is fun and helps show the many changes that have taken place during the first year of life.

Whether parents want to include a family photo shoot, in the case of siblings, or simply pretend to be parents with the newborn or older children, Ana has the experience and skills to pull the get the most out of every photographic subject. She provides a full range of props and costumes to make the final images as unique and varied as requested.

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Capture the Moment by Ana offers skilled and knowledgeable newborn photography sessions, birthday cake breaks and family photo shoots. Studio sessions are designed to make clients comfortable and interested in order to achieve the best results.

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