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Our Place Sale 2022: Best cookware, kitchen tools and utensil deals

Amazon Prime Day may be dominating your shopping feeds right now, but the Our Place sale that just kicked off for the summer is the perfect icing on a killer list of competing deals stealing Bezos’ shine this week. .

Of course, food matters when you’re cooking. But if you ask us, looking cool as hell while making said food is equally important. That’s why Our Place – makers of some of the most attractive and grammable cookware on the planet – are some of our favorites in the kitchen space. And right now, during Our Place’s summer sale, you can pick up its GQ Home Award-winning ceramics, handmade glassware and flatware at great prices.

Oh yeah, and the Always Pan brand signature, the one you’ve seen on social media for ages now, is too to be won at a reduced price. Think of it as the kitchen remodel you’ve been dreaming of, just for a together much less than what your contractor quoted you. Take a look at all our favorites from the sale below, or shop the entire Our Place range yourself.

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