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Behind the lens: Paula Zanter-Stout is passionate about photography.

LAKE MOSES – Paula Zanter-Stout said she has loved photography ever since her mother gave her a camera. The camera was a Christmas present when she was in elementary school, she said, and she took photos of her friends, events and experiences, and the scenery around her home in Michigan. “My sister and brother-in-law gave […]

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Best Fashion, Design & Photography Books This Season – The Hollywood Reporter

If you purchase an independently rated product or service through a link on our website, The Hollywood Reporter may receive an affiliate commission. Note that prices and offers are accurate at time of posting, but may be subject to change. What defines a stunning photo? Is it gorgeous architecture, alluring fashion editorials, or a compelling […]

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Rob Lettieri Photography emerges as one-stop wedding photographer and cinematographer for couples Scranton

Rob Lettieri Photography offers up-to-date cutting edge photography and videography services for engagements and weddings. Scranton, Pennsylvania – December 27, 2021 – Next to the wedding dress and the wedding cake, the most important aspect of a wedding celebration is definitely the wedding photography. Unfortunately, photography is also the first thing that disappoints people the […]

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The Perseverance rover shares its most “liked” photos of Mars for 2021

2021 is coming to an end and we are all recapping it. The landing of the Perseverance rover on Mars was one of the major events of this crazy year. The NASA rover returned quite a few photos over the past year, and it recently shared the ones the community liked the most. Each time […]

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Click Away women-led photography conference to be held in 2022

Click Away is an annual conference weekend hosted by the female-led Click community – a collaborative learning space dedicated to helping photographers and content creators achieve their goals. The next Click Away event will take place at the Fairmont Chicago, USA, July 8-10, 2022. The conference is a must-have experience, offering hands-on workshops and speaker […]

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Australian State Launches Machine Learning Tree Mapping Tools

Using machine learning, Victoria’s Department of Environment, Lands, Water and Planning (DELWP) makes it easier than ever to obtain information on the extent of tree cover in the city. statewide. Victoria is Australia’s most densely populated state. It works with a basic spatial data suite called Vicmap. Vicmap Vegetation has launched three new machine learning […]

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6 essential tools that make life much easier for the modern content creator

This story is brought to you by Lenovo. What we often take for granted when looking at our favorite content creators online is the amount of effort behind every Twitch feed, YouTube video, short film, and even a “simple” Instagram post. Sure, some of you might be quick to poke fun at content creators or […]

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Best Nintendo Switch Camera Games – Photo and Photography Modes in Switch Games

Photo fashions are so hot these days! But hey, not so much on Switch. Search for “Best Photo Modes” and you’ll probably get a ton of PlayStation and Xbox games, like The Last of Us, God of War, or Death Stranding. And sure, these games are beautiful, cute, and photorealistic … But you don’t need […]

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Lesson of the day: “The year in pictures 2021”

Lesson overview Featured Article: “The year in pictures 2021“ Each year, the New York Times photo editors sift through thousands of images to find the perfect photographs to represent the news of the year. The 176 images gathered here present the story of 2021 “through the universal and eloquent language of photography,” writes Meaghan Looram, […]

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Somerset UK Wedding Photography | Extension of artistic engagement filming services

Howell Jones Photography (07954-04495), a Somerset-based photographer specializing in weddings, has expanded its services to include engagement photography for couples across the UK. Bristol, UK – December 18, 2021 – With the latest expansion from Howell Jones Photography, engagement photography is available as part of UK and destination wedding shoots, or as an one-on-one service. […]