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Shutterbugs Channel Creativity Into Self-Portrait Photography During Pandemic | Fashion trends

More than a year of staying home amid Covid-19 has left most of us with sterile social media pages, forcing us to share endless flashbacks, faded sunsets from our windows and photos of this aesthetic corner of our home to make up for the lack of the picturesque moments in our lives. However, true creativity […]

Portrait photography

Fujifilm Velvia for portrait photography is apparently the new ‘it’ thing

For more stories like this, please subscribe to The Phobloographer. The last years in photography have been a very revealing experience for us. I was taught that Fujifilm Velvia is terrible for portraits. And, from personal experience, I accepted. However, Fujifilm is gently promoting Velvia by sharing photos of users who have used it for […]

Portrait photography

Ronan Mckenzie collaborates with WePresent for the photographic exhibition The Self Portrait

May 13, 2021, 11:16 a.m. (CEST) New exhibition and photo series supported by WeTransfer’s editorial platform celebrates black women photographers through the art of self-portrait (Left to right: Christina Nwabugo, Ejatu Shaw, Joy Gregory, available on WePresent for The Self Portrait) 13 May 2021, LONDON: WePresent, the editorial platform of WeTransfer, has collaborated with the […]

Portrait photography

Presentation of portrait photography, contest for members this month with Loca

Posted: Mar 31, 2021 9:00 AM Flagpole Photographers Camera Club invites the public to join members for the club’s events in April, which include a portrait photography presentation and a monthly contest. Julia Gerace will direct the first show, scheduled for Thursday April 8 at 7:30 p.m. Then, on Thursday April 22 at 7:15 pm, […]

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5 Life Hack Landscape Photography Tools

What are your go-to troubleshooting tools when photographing landscapes? Have you ever found yourself in difficult situations on the pitch that required a little ingenuity to create the image you envisioned? Landscape photography can be a very technical and methodical profession and some of the best shooting experiences you’ll have will require a bit of […]

Portrait photography

Brandon Fellow Evan Givens finds human connection in portrait photography

Four years ago, Evan givens was at a pawnshop with a friend when he found a single lens DSLR camera for $ 40. “I panicked and bought it immediately,” says Givens. “Since then, I haven’t put down a camera.” Givens, 26, was recently named one of three Brandon Scholars 2020-21 speak Greenville Creative Arts Center. […]

Portrait photography

Which is better for studio portrait photography, Lightroom Classic, or Capture One 20?

Lightroom has dominated its field for over a decade and has been the raw processor and go-to catalog tool for many photographers. However, the competition has gradually improved, with Capture One 20 now considered by many to be better in some ways. I’ve always considered raw processors and editing software like Photoshop to have a […]