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Photography is a mirror – The Prospector

I believe that photography is not only a work of art, but also a mirror allowing people to see perspectives of events that they might not have seen before. Photos paired with an engaging story enhance readers’ understanding of what’s going on in their daily lives. As a photojournalist, I strive to capture current affairs, sporting and entertainment events for the student body and will strive to highlight events by showing the plethora of emotions that events can bring out.

I like to think of photographers as storytellers, and their photos are the story, whether it’s taking pictures of crowds of fans cheering on a favorite player or an action shot of that same player scoring a touched – from getting a wide shot of Don Haskins Center graduates receiving their degrees, to a close-up of someone’s mother crying as she sees her daughter take the stage. My goal for this semester is for The Prospector’s photography to encompass the events in their entirety and immerse the reader in the event.

I grew up with such a supportive family and followed in my father’s footsteps as a photographer. I began my journey during my second year at Burges High School when I joined the same yearbook staff my father joined. I immediately fell in love with shooting and knew it wasn’t something I wanted to keep as a hobby, but rather make a career out of it. Early in my first semester at UTEP, I applied for a photography position at The Prospector and am grateful to have experienced events such as Beto O’Rourke’s gubernatorial rally, meeting the Congresswoman Veronica Escobar, covered a WWE event and met Dolores Anguiano, one of UTEP’s oldest graduates.

As a new photo editor, my goal for the semester is to not only take photos that will present memorable events to readers, but also provide unique perspective and angles that people might not have themselves. same experienced. With the help of my team of photographers, I also plan for the photos this semester to be more artistic when making photographic illustrations and capturing emotion at events.

As a publisher, I plan to encourage an artistic environment where my photography staff can feel free to be as creative as they want with their photography. As for the other staff members, I hope to inspire them to also experiment with photography and even have the courage to photograph events on their own. In addition to providing new perspectives, I also plan to collaborate more with journalists and editors so that we can create more multimedia content and publish more videos that we can post on our website or put in The Prospector Podcast.

I am extremely grateful for this amazing opportunity and couldn’t have done it without the wonderful people in my life. I want to thank my family and my boyfriend for always supporting my passion for photography and to Alberto Silva Fernandez, current editor, for showing me the ropes of this position and inspiring me to always push for the best work.

I encourage everyone to tell more stories through the art of photography, and to photograph moments that may seem ordinary and mundane to give them a new perspective.

You can reach me on Instagram @photographybyannabella or by email at [email protected]