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Portrait photography in motion wins first place at the Wellcome Photography Prize


The Wellcome Photography Prize 2021 recently announced the winners and finalists for this year’s competition. Announced at a YouTube Live event on July 28, Jameisha Prescod and Yoppy Pieter were both announced as the winners, with Prescod winning the Single Image Award for his “Untangling” photograph and Pieter taking the Image Award. of the series for her series “Trans Woman: Between Color and Voice”.

Both photographers received a prize of £ 10,000, plus an additional £ 1,000 for their category. Meanwhile, four more category finalists, each winning £ 1,000, have also been announced.

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The Wellcome Photography Prize is currently in its third year and is designed to highlight stories about the health challenges of our time. The 2021 award covers three topics of interest that “reflect Wellcome’s three global health challenges: mental health, global warming and infectious disease”.

Jameisha Prescod won the Single Image Award and the Single Image Category of Mental Health Management for her photograph “Untangling”. As a London-based filmmaker and journalist, Prescod’s work focuses on “exploring the social and cultural intersections of the chronic disease experience”.

Her winning image is a self-portrait that shows how the forced confinement of confinement exacerbated her depression and confined her to her bedroom. “This is where I work full time, eat, sleep, meet friends and most of all cry,” she says. In order to help find a sense of escape, Prescod turned to knitting, which allowed “everything else to go on hold” for a while.

Meanwhile, Yoppy Pieter won the Series Image Award and the Fighting Infections Series Category for “Trans Woman: Between Color and Voice”. Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Pieter’s series shows the different barriers trans women face in the country. Between the difficulty of finding a job and the possibility of accessing health care, Pieter’s series shows how their difficulties have been made worse by the impact of the pandemic.

For more information on the award, visit the official Wellcome website. In the meantime, check out some of the winning and finalist images below.

Wellcome Photography Prize

(Image credit: Yoppy Pieter)

Wellcome Photography Prize

(Image credit: Hachem Shakeri)

Wellcome Photography Prize

(Image credit: Morteza Niknahad)

Wellcome Photography Prize

(Image credit: Zakir Hossain Chowdhury)

Wellcome Photography Prize

(Image credit: Aly Song)

Wellcome Photography Prize

(Image credit: Yoppy Pieter)

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