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Reddit terminates Dubsmash, but its video creation tools remain active


Reddit will stop its abbreviated video platform, Dubsmash, on February 22, 2022. After February, the app will no longer be available on app stores and will stop working on devices that already have it.

A competitor of TikTok, Dubsmash has been acquired by Reddit late last year in an effort to integrate its video creation tools into the larger platform. Now that the integration is almost complete, Reddit is introducing a slew of new video creation tools into its own TikTok-style video feed, courtesy of the Dubsmash team that came up with the buyout.

“Our main focus, in terms of acquisition, was to bring in the expertise of the team, as well as the technology that we had built over the past five years at Dubsmash,” said Suchit Dash, vice president of the video. at Reddit and co-founder of Dubsmash, in an interview with The edge.

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As part of the update, Reddit is overhauling its camera – adding features that allow you to change the speed of your video, set a timer, adjust and trim multiple clips, as well as upload videos. on the platform in landscape, portrait and fill modes. Reddit also designs exclusive lenses, including one that puts your (or your pet’s) face in a slice of bread, as well as another that sticks Snoo’s (Reddit’s mascot) antenna atop your face. head.

The platform also implements a more comprehensive editing screen, which should make it easier to edit videos in the app rather than forcing you to use external editing tools. It will now allow you to apply filters, add voiceovers, adjust the volume, use stickers, rearrange your clips and experiment with its drawing tool.

While a number of Dubsmash’s innovations are coming to Reddit, it may struggle to recreate The vibrant Dubsmash community. Since Dubsmash’s initial debut in 2014, the app has grown into a hub for many Black and Latinx designers, which will need to switch to another app – or maybe even Reddit – before it closes.

Dash said the video is now gaining popularity on Reddit himself. “It’s one of our fastest growing types of content,” he said. This year alone, Reddit saw a 70% increase in total hours of video viewed, along with a 30% increase in the number of daily active viewers. Audience for short videos, which Reddit defines as two seconds or less, also increased by 50% quarter-over-quarter.

The platform launched a TikTok-style feed on its iOS app in August, with an endless stream of short videos you can vote against, vote, comment, share, or reward. When asked when the video stream is coming to Android, Dash said The edge that Reddit is “starting the process of rolling out to Android clients” and also hinted that the same video feed could be coming to the web as well.

“Our goal is to make sure that we can really enable everyone who is on Reddit – whatever platform they use – to have a great video experience,” said Dash. “We start largely with our mobile customers, but we have the ambition to go beyond. “

As to whether Reddit is considering incorporating sounds or music into its creative tools, which TikTok has popularized and other social platforms like Snapchat and Instagram have quickly figured out, it looks like it doesn’t happen anytime soon. early. “We’re always very excited to see new use cases for creators, so nothing planned for us,” said Dash. The edge. “But we are always exploring new ways of what we can bring to the community.”