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Resurfaced clip shows Will Smith teaching gun safety lesson

Here’s a resurfaced clip showing when Will Smith gave a lesson in gun safety:

The actor was with other members of the team to choose props for the film Bad boys for life which was released in January of last year.

The video shows the 53-year-old opinion that a coworker picked up a handgun and turned it towards him. With that, Smith quickly reacted, hitting the gun down.

From there, he grabbed it, dropped the magazine, emptied the chamber, and replaced the magazine before returning it to the person.

Someone then laughed and said, “Thanks, Will”, before Smith tilted his face to the camera lens and said, “Terrible gun safety.”

Credit: Instagram / willsmith

Posting the clip to his Instagram page on January 15, 2020, Will wrote, “It’s BAD Boys. Not UNSAFE Boys.”

Commenting on Will’s post at the time, one person wrote: “Finally an actor who knows how to wield a gun in real life. Thanks Will.”

Another added: “Now that’s #BadAssss smooth the way you did !! Love it!”

More recently someone commented: “Thought this was posted recently because it was being shared and was going to say” great post but bad time to show how cool and knowledgeable you are. “I’m glad it was last year.”

Others were quick to criticize the way Smith handled the weapon, with one saying it could have done more damage: “Of course, hitting the weapon like that could have triggered the weapon.” , they wrote.

Credit: Instagram / willsmith
Credit: Instagram / willsmith

Someone else was quick to compare it to recent events, saying, “Will Smith understands that a gun IS ALWAYS LOADED UNTIL IT IS CHECKED WITH YOUR OWN EYES. Always drop the card and empty the chamber. ALWAYS.

Another explained: “This Wsick Smith video was the first thing that came to my mind after hearing news from Alec Baldwin about the filming of Rust. It seemed to me dramatic at the time ngl [not gonna lie] because I did not know the accessory fire arms on the set are sometimes very real. ”

Someone else just wrote, “This is how it’s done. Staged or not … that’s the right message.”

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