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Rob Lettieri Photography emerges as one-stop wedding photographer and cinematographer for couples Scranton

Rob Lettieri Photography offers up-to-date cutting edge photography and videography services for engagements and weddings.

Scranton, Pennsylvania – December 27, 2021 – Next to the wedding dress and the wedding cake, the most important aspect of a wedding celebration is definitely the wedding photography. Unfortunately, photography is also the first thing that disappoints people the most after a wedding. However, most Scranton couples would probably prefer to think otherwise. Senior Scranton-based wedding photographer Rob Lettieri has given the city wedding photography scenario a new edge with his cutting edge cutting edge wedding photography that has left couples ga-ga on his services. panoramic and artistic photography. .

The seasoned photographer also offers wedding shooting services through his official photography brand Rob Lettieri Photography.

In an exclusive interview, Rob explained that people can forget about dates and rituals, but they will remember how they felt on a special occasion like a wedding. At Rob Lettieri Photography, Rob and his team aim to capture the “feelings” and “moods” of couples, their friends and family in wedding photographs – instead of just capturing people. It is the capture of this “emotional” or “human” quotient that helps Rob bring his photographs to life.

Rob Lettieri Photography offers engagement and wedding photography services. From traditional photography to candid photography to fine art photography, Rob and his team offer all kinds of photography and videography services for these events. The company also offers portrait photography services.

One of the major USPs of Rob Lettieri Photography that makes it more profitable for those perfect wedding captures is the master photographer’s years of experience in wedding photography. Given their vast experience in filming wedding events, Rob and his team are well aware of the factors that need to be taken into account to capture the most meaningful and candid moments for the perfect wedding album. They also know the typical challenges a photographer can face when trying to take candid photos in a crowded wedding venue – and still how to capture like a boss despite the challenges.

“Having photographed over 1000 weddings, we can exponentially help every event on your wedding day unfold with great finesse. Believe it or not, photography is only about 10% of what we do to produce your images on your wedding day and complete your wedding books as a whole production. 90% of what we do you can’t see it, ”said Rob.

Another major factor that keeps Rob’s wedding photography and wedding films at the forefront is the veteran photographer’s constant focus on continuous leveling. Speaking on, Rob shared that they recently released all new equipment in each category for 2022 to ensure the most advanced wedding photography and videography services.

“Photography is a rapidly changing space. New technological advances in photography and videography are giving way to new styles and techniques. As committed professionals, we believe in the continuous improvement of our skills, our knowledge, but also our tools. We have recently added new equipment in each category so that we can offer more advanced wedding photography and videography services from 2022. ”

Speaking on, Rob insisted on offering personalized services for each individual client. Each couple is different, and so is their relationship, according to her statements – and a one-size-fits-all approach won’t be enough to bring out the unique sweetness of each couple’s bond in the photographs.

“With us by your side, you can rest assured that you have a team here who are constantly working to capture all of your special moments as you indulge in your special day.”

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