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Rochelle News-Leader | On Wednesday, Lifeworks Photography held an annual art exhibition

ROCHELLE – That’s why we live in this small town rather than elsewhere – when we see something missing, we can do something.

Danny and Stephanie Williams fill a void in the “Hub City” that the rest of us might not have known existed. And we will all be grateful that they have stepped up their action.

Danny and Stéphanie are photographers and own the Lifeworks photography studio in Rochelle. They embraced the community and wanted to make sure the arts are high, not just for their family, but for the whole community.

In August 2018, the couple launched the Daniel and Stephanie Williams Fund for the Arts with their own seed money. The objective was to finance the arts and artists of the La Rochelle community. Because of their vision, we will see great works of art in public spaces for the enjoyment of young and old.

On Wednesday night, they held their third fundraiser for an art show where they auctioned off various photos taken by Danny, and the theme was special.

Skare Park

Danny explained that Skare Park [pronounced SKAR-E] has been special for him as a photographer, but also for his family with Stephanie, which includes their two children, Grace and Rory. They regularly spend time with family and friends at the park located west of La Rochelle. The park, which was created with land donated by Norman Lincoln Skare and is part of the Flagg-Rochelle Community Park District, offers picnic areas, a competition golf course, open space and woods, a meandering stream and hikes. It truly is a gem and they wanted to showcase its natural diversity and beauty.


On Wednesday evening, several area residents packed Kennay Farms’ Rick House Distillery for the artwork auction which raised about $ 3,500 with the photographs auction as well as an auction. quiet. This puts the fund at $ 26,000 and within range of its original goal of $ 40,000 by 2025 or, hopefully, sooner.

“Stephanie and I are touched by the massive support we receive each year for this event,” said Danny. “We are delighted to help provide opportunities for local artists to display impactful artwork in our community and foster an artistic culture in our region. ”

They didn’t do it alone, however, the Rochelle Area Community Foundation was instrumental in helping them start and maintain the arts fund. And, of course, many others stepped up to help them achieve their goal.
“We would also like to thank our friends, family and the community for helping to make this event possible every year. Businesses and individuals were so gracious to volunteer their time, give gifts and silent auction baskets and cheer us on, ”Danny added. “We really couldn’t do this event without them. ”

Stephanie echoed Danny’s thanks for the people and businesses that made the event possible.

“Special thanks to Kennay Farms Distilling for the beautiful venue, Matt Hart our auctioneer for the evening, the talented Buzzed By Sonset concert and Kara Kettleson for his design illustrations for all of our flyers and logos,” Stéphanie noted. We are fortunate to be surrounded by so many amazing and philanthropic individuals in our community. “

If you are interested in helping the Williams family raise the arts in Rochelle, you can visit their website –

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