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Rosenstock to judge collaborative photography exhibition Sterling Arts

STERLING — The Sterling Arts Collaborative is seeking submissions for its spring juried photographic exhibition, scheduled for April 2-3 at 1835 City Hall. The deadline for submissions is March 20.

“The photography exhibition is a natural continuation of the October art exhibition, which was a success in many ways,” said Andrea Driscoll, president of the collaboration. “Thirty-one artists had a place for their hard work, and the town’s restored 1835 building was a star in the eyes of many who hadn’t seen the building for a long time.”

Famed photographer and teacher Ron Rosenstock of Holden will judge the show, which will be held at 31 Main St. space from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and noon to 3 p.m. Sunday, with prizes awarded during the Saturday opening. Driscoll said they will be able to exhibit the work of 30 artists and several people have already signed up, including her students from the painting classes she teaches at the Sterling Senior Center.

One of Lindsey Van Gieson's offers.

“Photography is a wonderful way to communicate the images of nature and the energy of everyday life,” she said. “It’s a way of describing so many things that we can’t describe well or at all.”

She went on to say that the members of the collaboration are excited for the spring show and to once again be able to showcase local creative talent from across the region.

“We were inspired long before the idea of ​​photography exhibits to support local artists and showcase their ingenuity to the people of Sterling and beyond,” Driscoll said. “Many of the artists from the first show raved about the space of the show and how wonderful it was to show their work.”

The collaboration is also planning an event on May 20: actress Sheryl Faye’s portrayal of famous historic American women, with a program at Chocksett Middle School featuring Abigail Adams during the day and a program featuring Ruth Bader Ginsburg at 7 p.m. Sterling Senior Center.

"basalt stacks" by Lindsey Van Gieson

“We have many plans for the future, and one of our major donors, the Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts, is helping to achieve our goals,” Driscoll said, adding that the collaborative members “are growing and growing.” involve”.

Driscoll said future collaborative events and programs are in the works and include a Celtic music concert, poetry readings, art and music workshops and “an event to bring artists together to share ideas and exchange material. artistic”, among others.

“Despite the pandemic interrupting the flow of programs, we are very happy to do this work to bring artists together and give the community the chance to experience cultural activities at little or no cost,” she said. “Our board is made up of volunteers who believe that arts and culture can change and improve people’s lives.

General membership in the Sterling Arts Collaborative is open to any individual or organization actively involved in providing or supporting public arts and cultural events in the city of Sterling. Membership privileges, including full and equal voting rights to the collaboration, are conferred after completing the application form and paying the annual fee, which is $20 for individuals and $35 for a household. Members are encouraged to volunteer for sponsored events according to their time, talent, and resources, as their support is crucial to the success of the cooperative effort.

For more information, including a submission form for the spring photography exhibition, visit and follow Sterling Arts Collaborative on Facebook.