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Santa Barbara and Beyond: Mike Eliason’s Spectacular New Photography Book has arrived

By Jerry Roberts of Newsmakers

“I don’t have the patience to fish,” says Mike Eliason, “but I can sit there for 90 minutes while I wait for the light to turn on. “

Eliason, one of Santa Barbara’s most famous photojournalists, dropped by “Newsmakers TV” on Friday to preview his new book (Shoreline Publishing Group) which just released some captivating, remarkable and spectacular footage.

“Santa Barbara and Beyond: The Photography of Mike Eliason” is now available at local bookstores and other stores, filled with 160 pages of images featuring Mike’s iconic style, most captured in and around the county.

A native of Carpinteria, Eliason began photographing the Central Coast while still in high school and spent 25 years as a photojournalist before being hired as a public information officer for the Fire Department of the county, where his images of local disasters, including the Thomas Fire and the Montecito Debris Flow, travel the world and have been published by countless national and global news organizations from the social media feeds we it fulfills at topical events.

In our interview, Mike shows off about a dozen of the best images from the book, talks about his long professional career, and offers insight into both the technique and the personal values ​​that make him such an extraordinary goal,

Check out our interview with Mike Eliason via YouTube below or by clicking on this link. The audio version is here.