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Set, Set, Click with 4-H Photography Projects – Garden City Telegram

The changing seasons are the perfect time to get involved in a 4-H photography project. The vibrant colors, fall harvest, migrating birds, and spectacular Kansas sunsets/sunrises lend themselves to amazing photographs that 4-H members are able to capture. From learning camera gear to creating beautiful and memorable images, 4-H members can learn all about their cameras, photography techniques and the science behind that great image from 4-H Project Managers. H. Those enrolled in the photography project learn: more about a camera and how it works; basic photo composition, organization of the photo report; shutter speeds and f-stops; rule of thirds; capture a point in time; filters and light meters; create captivating still lifes; and all about all these lenses. Each summer, 4-H photographers work with 4-H project leaders to choose their best photos for competition at the county fair, with the ultimate goal of earning a purple or blue ribbon and heading to the State competition. Fair. Members learn that where they printed photos is just as important as how and what they photographed. The correct mesh also plays a big role in preparing for this image contest! Additionally, 4-H members can create educational posters to display, linking their communication skills to the photographic project. Interested in taking all that photography knowledge and applying it in a competitive environment? 4-H’ers compete in regional and statewide photo judging contests to test and improve their photography skills. Each year, West Plains 4-H sends teams to these events, where members experience great success. Leadership opportunities, revolving around photography, also exist in the Kansas 4-H program. From serving locally as junior project managers for their clubs and counties to making an impact at the state level, leadership abounds. Young members can apply to become a member of the Kansas 4-H Photography Action Team.

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