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‘Shashingo’ is a photography game that can teach you Japanese

Learning a new language can be difficult, but gamifying the process can help. There’s a reason why Duolingo has been so successful. Developer Autumn Pioneer is taking a different approach with a video game that can help teach gamers Japanese.

Shashingo: Learn Japanese with Photography has a fairly self-explanatory title. You can explore an environment and take pictures. When you capture an item, you hear a Japanese term for it and see the kanji for the word. You will also be able to look at the signs and see their English translations.

Your photos will be saved in a photo album. Click on a photo and you will hear the pronunciation of that word again. You can also save certain photos as favourites. There are also lessons that can teach you terms like “hello”, prepositional phrases, and days of the week.

The game will test your knowledge with the Research Mode. He’ll say a word in Japanese and you’ll be tasked with finding that item in the environment and taking a picture of it.

This is a great idea. I’ve struggled to learn other languages, and my brain definitely gels better with a more interactive approach. I hope to travel to Japan again next year, and knowing the language a bit more will help me.

Today wasn’t the first time Shakingo was revealed, but it first caught my attention during today’s Guerrilla Collective showcase. This underscores how important these events are in shining a light on under-the-radar games.

Shashingo: Learn Japanese with Photography coming soon to Steam and Nintendo Switch. I can’t wait to try it.