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Sony signs deal with America’s largest newspaper publisher


Sony Electronics scored another important victory for its cameras and lenses this week, announcing the signing of an agreement to supply imaging equipment for Gannett, the country’s largest newspaper publisher (in circulation). The deal comes just 18 months after Sony signed a similar deal with The Associated Press, and will see its cameras and lenses used by newsrooms on Gannett’s “USA Today Network”.

About Gannett

United States today is among the top three newspapers in the US market in terms of circulation, but until recently it was even larger. In 2019, Cision Media Research placed it at # 1 nationally. But the covid pandemic and the resulting reduction in hotel sales hit the paper harder than most.

First launched in December 2015, the USA Today network not only encompasses United States today itself, but also over 250 other local and national publications. Gannett’s overall portfolio would currently include 248 daily and 256 weekly posts covering all states in the United States except Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho and Wyoming.

In total, the USA Today network includes more than 5,000 journalists, and its newsrooms have won 93 Pulitzer Prizes while informing more than 150 million monthly readers. With more than 500 photographers and videographers, the network covers more than 10,000 events each year, producing nearly two million images and edited videos by the thousands.

The Sony agreement

The deal will see Sony provide not only hardware, but also extensive service and support, including on-site support at numerous industry events. The rollout of Sony Imaging Kits begins immediately in select markets and will include equipment such as Sony Alpha 1 cameras, Cinema Line FX and G Master lenses.

The announcement was warmly received by Bruce Odle, president of Gannett’s in-house photo agency Imgn.

“Storytelling through images has been a big part of our organization through national and local coverage, and through our sports content,” said Odle. “We are excited to bring Sony’s innovative equipment to our reporters to enable them to capture moments and emotions in new ways to complement the compelling stories of the USA Today Network. “

And unsurprisingly, Sony was no less praising a deal that will allow its imaging solutions to gain a foothold in the valuable professional market.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to collaborate with Gannett, one of the world’s largest news organizations with an unprecedented commitment to disseminate multimedia news and create digital content,” commented Yang Cheng, vice president of products. and imaging solutions for America at Sony Electronics. “Gannett’s USA Today Newtwork is an innovative and venerable news brand that preserves local journalism and reinvents national news. We are honored that they have chosen to equip their talented visual journalists with Sony imaging products, and are confident that this will allow them to capture, communicate and share stories in ways they never had before. never before. “