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Syrp Lab: Building the Next Generation of Creator Tools by Jose Antunes

Syrp is now Syrp Lab a team specializing in design, software and electronics to work side by side with Manfrotto to develop the next generation of tools for creators.

Starting in January 2022, Syrp suggested something was about to happen, and in late March the mystery was revealed: Syrp became Syrp Lab, a place to peek behind the curtain as the company designs the next generation of tools for some of the major brands in the photo/video industry.

Syrp Lab is a new name, but ProVideo Coalition readers will already be familiar with Syrp, since 2019 when we wrote about the company due to the launch of its Syrp Genie 2 app, used by filmmakers to control motion with accessories like the Genie II Linear, Genie II Pan Tilt and Genie Mini II. We also wrote, then, the following note:

Based in New Zealand, Syrp was born out of a passion for cinema and a need for user-friendly portable equipment. The company designs gear with a filmmaker-first approach, empowering you to create better movies. Syrp specializes in designing and manufacturing portable and intelligent motion control technology capable of controlling camera movement for motion video, time-lapse, product photography, panorama and more. Its products are, according to the company, “featured with the latest technology, wirelessly controlled with a beautifully simple app, and compatible with an ever-expanding product line. Our range is suitable for beginner content creators to more experienced professional users. »

Syrp Lab: building the next generation of tools for creatorsSyrp Lab, a creative hub

Now Syrp is transforming into Syrp Lab, a creative hub focused on innovation and content creation. The Syrp Lab a team specializing in design, software and electronics to collaborate side by side with Manfrotto to develop the next generation of tools for creators. But the tools are only part of the picture, Syrp Lab is also launching a brand new educational platform, where you can learn tips and tricks from creatives in the industry to improve your content!

Debuting as Syrp in 2011 by a filmmaker and designer, Syrp arrived on Kickstarter in 2012, with the goal of “rethinking motion control from the ground up.” For its founders, one thing was and remains true: “the collaboration between filmmaker and designer is in our DNA”. Since then, the company has been creating award-winning filmmaking tools for over 10 years.

Along its journey of expanding the motion control line unleashing sliders, mobile apps and accessories to create a complete ecosystem of products for today’s creators, Syrp has come to a new point. , when the company felt the time was right to take the next step “in this evolution.” as we continue to link our in-house content team with R&D to create a unique approach to innovation and product development.

Along the way, learning has always played an important role in the creative process. So now Syrp Lab is launching its new educational channel to support filmmakers and photographers on their creative journey. The Syrp Lab YouTube is a channel for creators, a place to learn new film and photography tips and tricks, hear from top creators, and get insight into how Syrp Lab develops tech products.