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Taking the world of photography to the next level is Jagraj Singh Dhillon: The Tribune India

Jagraj Singh Dhillon, a visionary mind and soul, clicks stunning photos through his camera lens.

There have been many niche sectors and industries that have grown exponentially over the past two decades, bringing in a huge surplus and boosting the economy as a whole. Many creative fields have been at the forefront of such development using advanced technologies, latest advents and advancements. Photography, as a niche segment, has also undergone a great transformation, attracting many customers around the world. Many photography events such as pre-wedding, baby shower, pregnancy photo shoot, destination wedding photo shoot, birthday photo shoot and many other events are now handled by reputable and professional photographers. With clients outsourcing projects related to photography, they reduce their burden and expect professional work of the highest standard. We met one such professional photographer named Jagraj Singh Dhillon who mesmerized everyone with his creative and stunning clicks.

Originally from North Carolina, Jagraj Singh Dhillon has become one of the top professional photographers in the region and the country. His upstream skills, professional demeanor with necessary photographic equipment and creative techniques enabled him to capture perfect shots of various subjects, locations, portraits and other events. His unique way of telling visual stories has attracted many customers, which has even inspired him to expand his reach and get more business. His unique way of creating visual treats through the lens of his camera has been instrumental in getting more clients and creating an array of potential customers. All of his serena and captivating images catapulted Jagraj Singh Dhillon to create a special place and name for himself in the industry.

Jagraj Singh Dhillon first started taking pictures from a 1 megapixel digital camera. Then, in 2011, Jagraj bought a Nikon 7000 SLR camera and went to photography training sessions with local photographers where they taught him the basics of the SLR camera and lighting. They had few models and few new apprentice photographers like him. Jagraj practices and has honed his overall skills and expertise in hiring models. Jagraj has captured some of the eminent names in the modeling world like Kate Malone, Astrid Kallsen and Willa Prescott who are featured models in top magazines.

Some of his most prized possessions among various cameras have been Nikon 7000, Nikon d750, Nikon z7, ​​lenses like Nikon 50mm, Nikon 24-70 f2.8, Nikon 70-200 f2.8. For sports and animal shots, Jagraj uses sigma 50-500. In 2021 he upgraded to Sony a7II with Sony g-master 24-70 f2.8 lens and in 2022 got Sony a7riii with Sony 35mm 1.4. His favorite move is when he captured Gurdas Mann in New York.

We hope Jagraj Singh Dhillon will continue to capture amazing images and spread more joy through his photographs. Visit his website for more – and also follow him on Instagram @jsdhillonphotography.