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Teacher’s dressing lesson goes viral on TikTok with over 2 million views

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What is fair? The notion of justice is a bit complex; But, luckily, an educator named Aimee Scott split it with visual aids-band-AIDS, actually. The Utah-based third-grade teacher is an active TikToker who uses her platform to spread knowledge and understanding. In a now-viral TikTok video (it has nearly seven million views), Scott shares a simple lesson on using bandages to explain a complicated concept in a way kids can understand. And, honestly, it also clarifies abstract ideas for adults.

Here’s how the “dressing lesson” goes:

On the first day of school, Scott plays this “fairness” game by asking his students to raise their hands if they’ve ever scraped their elbow in class. She calls on a child to tell their story of how they hurt and scratched their elbow. After they tell their story, she says, “I’m so sorry you hurt your elbow,” and puts a bandage on their elbow.

Next, she asks her students to put their hands up if they’ve ever bumped their heads in class. She asks a child to tell how he hit his head. Once they’re done, she says, “I’m so sorry you hurt your head. At this point, things get funny as she proceeds to put a helper on…their elbow!

Scott repeats this same sequence for a scraped knee, ending with another band-aid on the kid’s elbow.

At this time, all of his students seem confused. Scott stops the lesson and has a conversation about how she gave everyone the exact same thing the same way, but it wasn’t helpful to everyone. She goes on to explain in her Tiktok video that “Fair doesn’t mean everyone gets the same thing. Fair means everyone gets what they need to be successful.

After the lesson, students have a better understanding of why children with diabetes need an extra snack to raise their blood sugar levels, or why other children with autism need noise canceling headphones, and why others who have ADHD need a fidget spinner. This brilliantly simple lesson helps kids understand when they see another student getting something or being able to do something they can’t have or do. Scott’s video proves that How? ‘Or’ What you teach the concept is just as important as What You are trying to teach.

Aimee decided to create her “band-aid lesson” video after meeting several concerned parents who were concerned that their children would be teased for needing something more or different, such as snacks to regulate their blood sugar, a Dexcom monitor due to their type 1 diabetes diagnosis, toys to help people with ADHD focus, extra time for tests for children with anxiety, etc. The idea was to share these teaching strategies with other teachers so that they could also use them in their classrooms; But, now, parents everywhere are applauding Scott for the brilliant lesson of humanity and understanding. It’s a lesson all children should learn and adults could use a reminder once in a while.

Watch Third-Grade Teacher Aimee Scott Teach ‘Band-Aid’ Lesson About Fairness:

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