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Tether Tools ONsite USB-C 30W Battery

Plugging a USB Type-C cable into the battery, then the other end directly into the camera instantly begins supplying power. This is indicated on the Sony A7 III by means of the small power sign next to the battery level indicator and confirms that the pack is supplying power.

It’s that simple; usually on a one day shoot I use two batteries per camera and as I embarked on a four day shoot the idea of ​​not having to disassemble and unplug the camera, well once a day seemed like a great idea. All of these little things add up, and even though a battery change will only take a few minutes, it’s often the cue for everyone to take a break and it can last much longer.

Plugged in and strapped to the side of a tripod with electrical tape is where the StrapMoore comes in handy, you can continue to use the camera as normal. It may not be the most visually elegant solution, but it works.

In use, I ran the camera for two and a half days without needing to swap the battery or charge the power pack, which is equivalent to my usual usage of five batteries. The camera had a battery and a battery, which extended the use of four batteries or two days, which is impressive.

Apart from being used to power the camera, it could also be used to charge other devices. To do this, plug in the appropriate USB cable and then connect it to the device you want to charge. It’s all pretty easy, and again, the power bank did the job and charged multiple devices with ease.