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Tether Tools replaces the JerkStopper with the new TetherGuard cable management system

Tether Tools’ JerkStopper is a staple among many photographers who shoot in the studio. It’s been around for over a decade now and it’s gone through several iterations over that time. For those unfamiliar, it keeps your cables from being jerked around and pulled out of your camera sockets. This avoids both the inconvenience of having to restart the cameras and software in the middle of a shoot and also the potential damage to your camera’s shots.

Now, its latest iteration also has a new name, in the form of the new TetherGuard cable management system from Tether Tools. Tether Tools describes it as a “magnetic cable management system” and comes with a new “Lock & Dock” system to ensure that every cable stays connected and your ports are safe from damage.

The new system is similar to the old one in principle. Instead of a clasp that snaps onto your cable, however, the TetherGuard features a screw-on mechanism to hold the cable together with a magnetic attachment to secure it to your camera or…well, whatever you want. , really. The new mounting mechanism offers the option of a magnetic quick release for quick installation as well as a locking mechanism for maximum security.

The “Lock & Dock” system allows you to attach it to the 1/4-20″ socket under your camera or the 1/4-20″ sockets on a cage – ideal for video shooters who may have to cope to long, long, potentially heavy HDMI cables. You can also attach it to just about any flat surface using the included 3M VHB (Very High Bond) adhesive so that if you’re tethered via USB in the studio (or anywhere, really), it won’t damage or fall out of your laptop’s USB port either.

Of course, like the JerkStopper, you can also thread it through your camera strap eyelets. It’s a nice upgrade from the old system which offers great versatility. Being able to swap cables from one device or system to another via the magnetic mount or completely swap different cables with a threaded lock seems a lot easier than the old system!

The TetherGuard system starts at $18.99 for the basic kit with additional accessories. You can learn more on the Tether Tools website.